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robert - Robert Gerald Storey Empty Robert Gerald Storey

on Thu 11 Aug 2016, 11:30 pm
This is the first of my threads from the frozen Web's forum which I am posting at this forum:

Here’s an interesting Story about a man named Robert Gerald Storey (sorry, I couldn’t resist not saying that). Storey was an attorney in Dallas, Texas, who was part of the “State Court of Inquiry” appointed by John Connally to conduct an investigation into Oswald’s murder; and to report back to Connally on the findings:

Storey was an observer during some of the testimonies by witnesses before the Warren Commission; such as the testimony of Jack Ruby. During the Infamous Nuremberg War trials, Storey was part of the prosecution team. From 1947 to 1959, Storey served as the Dean of Southern Methodist University law School. This meant that he was undoubtedly acquainted with the very suspicious Professor Charles “Chuck” Webster; who was a professor of law at SMU from at least August, 1956. For information on Webster, see the following threads:

[url= Affairs/HB-Booklet8-27.pdf][/url]

Storey was also (without much doubt) acquainted with Ruth Paine’s divorce attorney, Louise Raggio, as Raggio earned her law degree from SMU in 1952. As Greg and I have discussed elsewhere, Louise Raggio was friends with LBJ; and that she and her husband (Grier) were likely working for the 112th MIG in Dallas, Texas, which most likely had ties to the TSBD Corporation:

From 1921 to 1922, Storey served as a national executive committeeman of the American Legion. Of note here is that Jack Charles Cason; the politically conservative President of the TSBD Corporation at the time of the assassination, told the FBI that he was a former commander of American Legion post No. 53 in Dallas, Texas. Given their association with the American Legion, it is quite possible that Storey and Cason knew each other well before the assassination.

[url= executive committeeman of the American Legion Robert G][/url]

[url= Subject Index Files/C Disk/Cason Jack Charles/Item 01.pdf][/url]

According to research by Bruce Adamson, Storey and George DeMohrenschildt had offices inside the Republic National Bank building; and as Greg pointed out at the Ed forum, the Republic National Bank was identified as being a conduit of CIA funds since 1958. Of note is that Henry Wade told the FBI that Storey remarked he had either worked for or with the CIA in Europe. Storey also worked as a combat intelligence officer for the U. S. Air force in London.

Through my own research, I have been able to confirm that DeMohrenschildt did in fact have an office(s) inside the building. As for Storey, I’m not sure whether it was he who had an office(s) inside the building or whether it was his son, Robert Gerald Storey Jr.:

[url= Gerald Storey Republic national bank][/url]

This is the same son whose wife apparently (according to researcher Linda Minor) was a bridesmaid at the wedding of H. L. Hunt’s nephew, John Stuart Hunt:
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