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James T. Hill

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James T. Hill

Post by Hasan Yusuf on Sun 14 Aug 2016, 11:36 pm

Another thread of mine from the Webs ROKC forum:

On December 6, 1963, the FBI interviewed a man named Alvey McGaffey who was apparently from Hutchins, Texas; which is a few miles to the southeast of Dallas city. McGaffey told the FBI that on November 20, 1963, he heard shots being fired from a field close to where he was working near “McCormas Road” and “Central Express.” After doing a search through Google Maps, I am almost certain that McGaffey was referring to “Mc Commas Bluff road” and “S Central Expy” in Hutchins, Texas. If you do a search of the satellite image in Google Maps, you’ll see that there are many fields in that area.

As we can see from McGaffey’s interview with the FBI, one of the men he observed in the aforementioned field was driving a car with the license plate number PU 7862. When the FBI checked the license number, they discovered that the car was a 1963 Chevrolet convertible under the name of James T. Hill who lived in Dallas, Texas:

What’s interesting is that McGaffey told the FBI that the man was 5 foot 10 inches tall, weighing 200 pounds, and carrying a rifle with a “mounted scope.” McGaffey also claimed that the man was of “Jewish nationality.” How he came to that conclusion, I don’t know (perhaps it was the man’s accent). However, he also said that the man resembled a photograph of Ruby “to some degree,” but nevertheless believed that the man wasn’t Ruby. If you compare photographs of Jack Ruby and Gerald Hill, I think you will notice that they somewhat looked like each other. I don’t know if Greg will remember this, but I once remarked to him that I thought Hill and Ruby might be related. What I am thinking is that the man McGaffey observed was related to Gerald Hill. Although some people may think that this is just wishful thinking on my part, considering they shared the same surname, were both overweight, and that (according to McGaffey) the man somewhat resembled a photograph of Jack Ruby, I can’t help but think that they were quite possibly related to each other.  

So what was this man doing firing a rifle in the fields just a few miles southeast of Dallas; two days before the assassination? Well, I may be a bit paranoid here, but considering the possibility that the man was related to Gerald Hill, and taking into account my strong suspicions concerning Hill’s complicity in the assassination, one possible explanation is that he was test firing a rifle which was planned to be used for the assassination. Now, I don’t think it’s ridiculous to believe that the conspirators would test fire the rifles they had planned on using for the assassination to check if any of them might misfire.

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