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Dead Letter Lives On

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Dead Letter Lives On

Post by Ed. Ledoux on Fri 02 Sep 2016, 4:10 pm

Ed Ledoux
Posts: 1106

Last post for Oswald (PDF) by Garrick Alder


A clue as to one reason for the cover-up of the failed

delivery lies in Harry Holmes’s affidavit to the FBI, which is at

pains to state that Mr Holmes only provided the information

about Oswald’s changes of address when Holmes was served

with a subpoena. This proves to be the key to understanding

a substantial part of this episode. The FBI’s mail interception

program had to be kept hidden....

This Nixie parcel and the paper bag were dusted for

fingerprints and no prints suitable for identification purposes

were found (not quite the same thing as no prints being found

at all). The paper was analysed and found not to be identical

to the paper used in the construction of the incriminating ‘gun

sack’. This is not actually proof of the Nixie parcel and its

contents having originated from somewhere other than the

Book Depository, since rolls of paper used on the sixth floor

lasted an average of about three days, and varied in their

composition. This meant that two samples of paper obtained

from the same location but on different dates could and did

show up under analysis as having two discrete chemical

profiles.3 However, this non-match was presented as an

investigative dead end. The puzzle of the Nixie parcel was

being left deliberately unsolved.

Something happened between the discovery of the Nixie

parcel and the FBI’s interviews with Ruth Paine and her

housemate, Lee’s wife Marina Oswald


“Is everything a conspiracy? No. Only the important stuff.” Jeff Wells, Rigorous Intuition

PM is THE litmus test of intellectual integrity for researching this case.
Those who fall back on the fuxxy picture defense are not of a caliber to understand the ins-and-outs of this case. ~ Terry Martin via Hasan Yusuf

Ed. Ledoux

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