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Official Thrashing - The Non Existant Executive Sessions

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Official Thrashing - The Non Existant Executive Sessions

Post by Ed. Ledoux on Fri 02 Sep 2016, 5:36 pm

Ed Ledoux
Posts: 1106

Ward & Paul, a large, established end reputable court-reporting

firm, got the court-reporting contract on Senator Russell's recommendation.

As a Senate editor, I had worked with them for years. They are

good, thoroughly dependable, and staffed with sufficient competent

specialists to deliver several hundred pages of accurate transcript


They sent an official stenographer named Cantor to that hectic

5:30 p.m. executive session of January 22, 1964. This, and more, I

was not to learn until much later and after the greatest difficuty.

Those "TOP SECRET" transcripts were kept in that high security

category until an opportunity provided itself for effective official

propaganda by making them available to a fine and experienced reporter

who knew absolutely nothing about the assassination or its investigation.

Any reporter in these circumstances becomes the creature of his

sources, for he has no independent information. In this case he planned

a story for a mass-circulation magazine, The Saturday Evening Post.

For him, they were quietly declassified. Not one of the real researchers

who had been plumbing that literary quicksand of those 300 cubic feat

of documents was informed of it. Not until after this story appeared

before as large as possible an audience, with extensive attention from

the papers and electronic media, did anyone know that these secrets

were being leaked. That partisan selection, to which the Archivist had

lent himself with official interpretations that were beyond his knowledge,

as wrong for him to make as they were in fact, killed any further

major-media interest in those executive sessions.

However, once they were thus disclosed, I was able to get a set

- all that were declassified, not just the few pages used in the story -

for they then could no longer be denied me. They fill a box almost two

inches thick, lots of paper. My pointed protest at this unseemly official

propaganda and equally pointed questions of the Archivist, unanswered

after four years, were followed by the quiet, unannounced

retirement of that Archivist. Neither he nor his successor has ever

answered these charges of official misconduct.

Nor is this the only case where what had been denied me was provided

uninformed reporters who could reach large audiences, another of

that period involving The New York Times. These uninformed reporters

were used by the government, then distressed by the appearance of a

number of books severely critical of the official investigation. It is

for this reason I do not some them. In these cases it is the government,

most inappropriately the institution of scholarship, the National Archives,

that cast 'Tell in this Orwellian role, not the press.

Ones I had gone through those hundreds of pages of the coming

together of the elders in such secrecy their trusted staff W9.8 excluded

from the meetings and during the life of the Commission not even permitted

to see the transcripts, I immediately noted the absence of any

transcript for January 22, 1964, this dramatic one partially described

by Ford. In four cases, all the executive sessions were still suppressed,

the reasons given entirely spurious where they could be checked,

Read the rest!!!

They burned the notes, dictabelts, copies, carbons and more at the WHITE HOUSE. This is the true 'Memory Hole" and is LBJ all the way.

Stupendous effort to find the truth behind LHO and his working for the government was almost proven by the denial.
Read the rest and see what you glean from the WC's operating tactics.
September 6, 2015 at 11:35 PM Edit Delete Flag Quote & Reply

Ed Ledoux
Posts: 1106

Using the White House as an incinolet is somehow appropriate though.
September 6, 2015 at 11:42 PM

Ed Ledoux
Posts: 1106

Inventory of the Records of the Warren Commission

Entry 39: Stenotype Notes of Proceedings

January 21 to September 15, 1964, 6 feet

Arranged chronologically by date of notes.

These notes were turned over to the Commission for destruction by Ward and Paul, Official Reporters. The notes are still in their original form in sealed packages. Filed at the end of the series are a reporter's notebook, six sound recordings, and six photographic negatives relating to depositions.

September 7, 2015 at 5:45 PM

Ed Ledoux
Posts: 1106

The Full Thrashing:

September 7, 2015 at 9:24 PM
Ed. Ledoux

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