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Oswald and Forrest Gump

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Oswald and Forrest Gump

Post by greg parker on Wed 12 Oct 2016, 9:02 am

During the 1950s, the PO and Customs became self-appointed censors, routinely confiscating foreign mail deemed to be Communist propaganda. There was no express statutory authority for this, and any legal/constitutional basis for it was never tested in the courts. Kennedy ordered the practice terminated in March 1961 -- a move countered by Congress which passed a law in 1962 (but not in effect until Jan 7, 1963) that required all overseas material (other than sealed letters) deemed to be Communist Propaganda would be held for 20 days during which time the addressee would be notified of such mail and that it would be delivered only after the addressees express consent was given. This consent only had to be given once; thereafter all such material would be forwarded. This statute lasted until 1965, brought down as unconstitutional by a Corliss Lamont court challenge.
From John Newman's "Oswald & The CIA:

Page 268:

"Chester Riggs [LHO's Mercedes landlord] knew that something about Oswald's mail was out of the ordinary. Riggs told the Secret Service after the assassination that the US Postal Investigation Service had investigated Oswald for receiving subversive mail while he was living at 2703 Mercedes." 


Page 273:

"The above was not all of Oswald's mail activity. But it led to actions by the post office which Oswald protested. He had to execute a post office Form 2153-X, instructing them to "always" deliver foreign propaganda mailings. He added this comment to the form: "I protest this intimidation." "

Footnote: "New York Customs received PO Form 2153-X from NYC PO which is executed by Oswald, Box 2915; CD 60 pp 2-3; FBI reports Oswald's writing, "I protest this intimidation"; see CD 205, p.157"

Here is a timeline putting in some perspective:

March 1961: JFK orders PO and Customs to cease withholding foreign mail deemed to be Communist propaganda.

August, 1962: New legislation put up requiring filling of form to receive Communist literature from another country.

August 10, 1962: Lee and Marina move to 2703 Mercades St, Fort Worth.

October, 1962: Marina moves in with Elana Hall. Lee moves to YMCA in Dallas.

October 9, 1962: Lee rents PO box.

October 10, 1962: Lee fills out change of mail address form giving new PO box as address.

October 12, 1962: Lee starts work at JCS.

November 4, 1962: Oswalds move to Elspeth St, Dallas

January 7, 1963: New law from August finally takes effect. It requires PO to hold foreign Communist propaganda for 20 days while addressee completes and returns form confirming they want the material forwarded to them.

January ? 1963: Oswald subscribes to 3 Russian publications. (CE 1117)

January, 1963: Publications posted triggering PO action per new law.

January, 1963: PO inspector visits last known address for Oswald in relation to Russian newspapers. Last known address by PO would be Mercades.

January, 1963: PO Form 2153-X is left in Lee's PO box for him to complete and return advising whether or not he wishes to receive the Russian publications. Oswald completes and returns form, adding "I protest this intimidation".

April, 1963: Corliss Lamont launches legal action challenging the new law.

1965: The law is found by the Supreme Court to be unconstitutional and is repealed.

As can be seen, Oswald is requesting Communist propaganda through the mail - not before - not after - but at the same time that a new law is being introduced which is guaranteed to get him on a subversive list by requesting such material.


The same type of "coincidence" has him ordering particular weapons through the mail from particular companies at the same time as the Dodd subcommittee is investigating mail order weapons -- including those particular weapons and those particular companies chosen by LHO.

Skip forward  to May, 1963 and we find yet another instance of impeccable timing with Oswald mail. On May 16 and May 20, 1963, the FBI received intelligence from two informants indicating that the FPCC had successfully cleaned up its house and was no longer under CP or SWP influence. On May 26, Oswald writes to the FPCC requesting a charter, and follows up with a series of letters which seem to link the FPCC back to the CP and SWP.

Go back to 1959 and we find Richard Bissell issued a memorandum on September 2 ordering an increase in REDSOX, REDCAP and REDSKIN operations "against Soviet targets". On September 4, 1959 Oswald was transferred to H & H Squadron and applied for his passport which he would use to get to the Soviet Union. A Redskin agent (Ned Keenan) was in Snyder's office the day Oswald attempted to "defect".
Go back further to 1953 and Oswald has become a truant and a non-saluter of the flag for the duration of his older brother's tenure in the Coast Guard's anti-subversive intelligence unit. It is also behavior with a backdrop of multiple teacher purges, government truancy hearings and investigations and research into US fighting forces and why so many "defected" during the Korean War - with some of that research aimed at 13 to 17 year old males - the next generation of fighting men.  

Oswald out-gumped Forrest in the coincidence stakes.

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Re: Oswald and Forrest Gump

Post by barto on Thu 13 Oct 2016, 12:46 am

Should have fun faster..................

Great read Greg, thank you.


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