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Will The Real Albert Doyle Please Stand Up?

on Mon 21 Nov 2016, 2:19 am
From the webs forum.

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Lee Farley
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A number of years ago the highly opinionated know-it-all par excellence known as Charles Drago set about a campaign to 'out' Albert Doyle as a pseudonym posting at Deep Politics Forum. Charlie's rationale concerning what he was terming the "Albert Doyles" problem was less than impressive although I did agree with him that there was something decidedly dodgy about the man. On the surface it looked like one know-it-all was having his nose put out of joint by another know-it-all but digging beneath the surface and on a gut-instinct level Charlie wasn't wrong on this one.


Well, it turns out old CD's days were numbered after this and was soon banned. He had a penchant for wanting to 'out' every single person who joined Deep Doo Doo, obviously running the supposition that if you accuse everyone of being a disinformation agent then you're bound to catch one sooner or later.


Drago was booted and Doyle stayed.


Doyle is a man who continuously mixes up "truth" and "facts" and is odd within the research community because I have not once witnessed him enter into ANY collaborative research with ANYONE. This guy will start with an opinion or, within his psyche, the "truth" of an issue, and then pitches very selective evidence in a very aggressive debating style to try and bolster his individual "truth." What you will never get from Doyle is the full picture. Nothing more than a cherry-picker extraordinaire he will steadfast refuse to deal with ANYTHING that contradicts his perspective. And here's the funny bit - - he will then accuse you of doing the thing that he himself does.


He is without doubt one of two things. He is either a complete and utter idiot or he is a very intelligent manipulator and agent provocateur. My money is now on the second option. His MO is to make himself an authority on JFK matters. He will support very reasonable assessments and conclusions and he will vocalise this support across Deep Doo Doo and on But here is what is somewhat strange about old Bertie Doyle. He also supports some utter bullshit such as the William Pitzer story and Ralph Yates CIA doppelgänger theory and throws into the mix some of the most radical and controversial conclusions that are part of this case, none more so than "the Jews killed JFK."


And so, for many years I have butted heads with Albert Doyle both head-to-head at JFK Lancer and by proxy across different forums and know first hand what an obstinate and obtuse bullshitter he is. Years ago I labeled him nothing more that a fantasist with some sort of obsessive-compulsive problem who craved attention. These days I'm not so sure. On a platform such as I'm sure digging out individuals with pretty controversial opinions and beliefs will be of benefit to certain interested parties. What better way than to have a reviewer support some of these views and wait for the bait to be taken? So I'm now left with a question.


Who is Albert Doyle


If anybody can send me the name of any other single human being within this community who has met this man I would be incredibly grateful. I now have doubts that he actually exists. I propose that Albert Doyle is a game-player. What the stakes are in his games are anyone's guess but until we get to the bottom of a very specific issue then I proclaim that Albert Doyle be genuinely outed as an imposter


Greg started a thread here yesterday describing how his review of John Armstrong's book at had been left a comment from an member named Ralph Yates. I went and visited the page and read the comment left behind like a skid-mark in a fresh pair of white underpants. The pseudonym Ralph Yates writing over at is our very own Albert Doyle. And in addition to having an account in the name of Ralph Yates he also has an account in the name of Albert Doyle


And here is where things begin to get a little bit odd.


The profile in the name of Albert Doyle is a "Real Name" account. This means that the reviews of the person associated with the profile has been verified because the profile details match the credit card details of the person and all associated reviews are linked to this verified account. There are 47 reviews on this account profile. Albert Doyle's location is listed as Sanibel, Florida.


Many of the reviews are related to Deep Foo Foo Doyle's areas of interest such as the death of Jimi Hendrix, the murder of John Lennon, JFK matters and a host of books that would be defined as anti-Semitic and in some cases holocaust denial.  Also included is a review for Jim DiEugenio's book.


So I was curious to see a couple of books reviewed by Albert Doyle in his profile related to Northern Ireland and Irish affairs. One of which was by Father Sean McManus called My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland. The Albert Doyle who wrote the review claimed to be associated with certain groups in the United States who fought for the same aims as Father Sean McManus. The review, once again linked to the profile of Albert Doyle, was signed Albert Regan Doyle.


A cursory Google search for Albert Regan Doyle pulled up results that surprised even me.


You see, Albert Regan Doyle who wrote this review died in January 2014.


Why is there a review associated with Deep Foo-Foo's Albert Doyle by a dead man who had the same name and by coincidence also lived in Sanibel, Florida?


Looking over the searches I have made for Albert Regan Doyle and I'm left with the impression that he was neither an anti-Semite or a denier of the holocaust. Although, strangely, he does have many of the same interests as Deep Doo Doo's Doyle such as Palestine.  I have taken screen shots of all of these reviews associated with the account. 

Who is the breathing Albert Doyle? Does he really exist? Is it a pseudonym and, if so, why does he use one? Why are his reviews at mixed in with those of a dead man?


Time for the real Albert Doyle to stand up. And considering I don't believe dead men can come back to life I doubt an innocent explanation will be forthcoming...

EDIT: I spoke too soon about the views of Albert Regan Doyle who had/has the exact same opinions as the living Albert Doyle when it comes to both the Jews and to Auschwitz.
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Ed. Ledoux
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Re: Will The Real Albert Doyle Please Stand Up?

on Wed 23 Nov 2016, 6:07 am
Brian could give you a timeline when he crosses back from the Sanibel Sun Plane outside the Doyle garage
Stan Dane
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Re: Will The Real Albert Doyle Please Stand Up?

on Wed 23 Nov 2016, 12:34 pm
Eat shit Doyle. No more freebies for you, asshole.
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Re: Will The Real Albert Doyle Please Stand Up?

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