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Fain-Oswald interview 2/7/62

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Fain-Oswald interview 2/7/62

Post by greg parker on Wed 30 Nov 2016, 10:49 pm

"He stated that he spent his time [at work in the Minsk factory] reading blueprints and translating blueprints into the finished product."

Some history of the Minsk factory:

wiki wrote:Following the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939, Wilno was occupied by the Soviet Union and the company was nationalized.[1] In 1940 the factory was hastily dismantled and transported to Minsk, where the "Vyacheslav Molotov" Radio Factory was set up.[1] After the war the plant was renamed Minsk Radio and Television Association "Horizont" (Horizon). It produced "Minsk" radio receivers, being a copy of the Polish pre-war model but with Soviet tube set. The former buildings in Vilnius were used by a secret Soviet radio technics factory of the Ministry of Aviation Industry, known as PO Box 555.[2]

Although I can't prove this was true in the late 50s and early 60s, one of the things worked on there in more recent years has been "optical components for control systems of radar..."

On page two of Fain's document, it states: "Oswald stated that he never at any time gave the Soviets any information which would be used in a detrimental way against the US." Oswald could have been a politician -- or related to Ruth Paine with a non-denial denial like that. He is very clearly NOT denying he gave them something. All he is denying is that anything he may or may not have given them was cool. 

I have hard evidence that the US was supplying the Soviets with radar blueprints which had been shared with NATO countries. The reason for doing so was either honorable or traitorous depending on where you stand on the hawk-dove line. But what I will add is that this sharing was not done openly for political reasons.

The document goes on to say that Oswald advised that the Soviets never sought any information from him and that at no time did he offer to reveal any information he had acquired as a radar operator in the Marines. Both of those claims would be true if my scenario is correct. The first part would be true because the Soviets had no reason to seek anything from him. The deal was done by others. He was just the delivery boy. The second part would be true because the deal was all about a different type of radar than he had used in the Marines.

There is a big similarity here to Robert Webster. Webster was in Moscow demonstrating the state of the art Rand Spray Gun. 

When he defected, he was sent to work in Leningrad to help the Soviets duplicate their manufacture. 

The full story will be in volume three of LHOCW.

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