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a ramble in and around Pine St, NO

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a ramble in and around Pine St, NO

Post by greg parker on Fri 02 Dec 2016, 10:48 am

CE 1928 23H722
Dated Nov 27, 1963
ROBERT LAWRENCE HELLER, 4703 Freret Street, advised he resides in the upstairs apartment at this address and has a telephone number 899-8631. He advised at this time he is employed part time with television station WYES and also Motion Picture Advertising, 1032 Carondolet Street. HELLER stated that he is not personally acquainted with LEE HARVEY OSWALD as he has never met this individual, however, sometime during the month of August, 1963, he was at the location on Canal and Carondolet Streets when he
observed OSWALD handing leaflets for Fair Play for Cuba. At this time he observed that OSWALD was being "pushed around" by several male individuals he identified as Cubans and that these individuals were actually taking the leaflets from OSWALD and destroying the same and causing a considerable disturbance. As a result of this disturbance, OSWALD was arrested by the New Orleans Police Department and he believes was taken to jail. HELLER advised that he is unable to give the specific date of OSWALD's arrest at this time but he believes this can be checked with the New Orleans Police Department. He is of the opinion that this was some time during the month of August, 1963.

As a result of this arrest he contacted attorney JACK NELSON and advised him of OSWALD's predicament because he felt OSWALD would probably be needing an attorney in this instance. He advised that he is not aware of what action, if any, NELSON may have taken in connection with OSWALD. HELLER advised that this was the only occasion he was ever seen OSWALD and has no further information as far as OSWALD is concerned.

Was "Jack Nelson" actually John P Nelson?
On September 17, 1960, CORE chairman Rudy Lombard, Tulane student Sydney "Lanny" Goldfinch, Oretha Castle, and Dillard student Cecil Carter sat at the lunch counter at McCrory's department store on Canal Street. They were arrested. Goldfinch, who as a Jew was a particularly disagreeable white person, was charged with "criminal anarchy" which carried a $2,500 bond and the threat of ten years in prison.

Lolis Elie and the other lawyers for CORE were inexperienced in criminal cases and felt that Goldfinch especially needed a white lawyer. They asked John P. Nelson for assistance. He agreed. In the book Righteous Lives, Nelson said, "Once I had done that, I was hooked. I knew this was something." Nelson fully understood that by embracing a civil rights case, he was committing political suicide in the white community. He said, "It was not an act of despair." In 1963, Nelson argued the Lombard v. Louisiana case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

It seems Oswald was twice denied the services of civil liberty lawyers... the first time by Nelson, the second time by Abt (actually, Abt didn't deny him... just couldn't be located... he did however, tell the WC he would not have taken the case...) John P Nelson was associated with Ruth Kloepfer in setting up the Community Services, Inc in 1965. At the time, Mrs K was a close neighbour of David Ferrie.

From the Louisiana Sec of State website:
Charter/Organization ID: 03500330N

Type Entity: Non-Profit Corporation
Status: Not Active (Action by Secretary of State)
Domicile Address: 1208 AMERICAN BK BD, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130
Incorporated: 01/27/1965 | Effective: 01/27/1965
Registered Agent (Appointed 1/27/1965): CHARLES R. WARD, 1208
Registered Agent (Appointed 1/27/1965): MRS. RUTH KLOEPFER, 3033 LA AVE PKWY,
Charter/Organization ID: 03507960N
Type Entity: Non-Profit Corporation
Status: Active
Annual Report Status: In Good Standing
Domicile Address: 4000 MAGAZINE STREET, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70115
Incorporated: 11/04/1965 | Effective: 11/04/1965
Registered Agent (Appointed 11/04/1965): JOHN P. NELSON, 4123 WALMSLEY AVE,
Registered Agent (Appointed 11/04/1965): MRS. RUTH KLOEPFER, 3033 LA. AVE
Officer(s)/Director(s): A. MICHAEL LAWRENCE | MS. WANDA BLACKBURN | DR. C.L.
REYNOLDS (Additional officers may exist on document)

The K's had previously set up one other (non-profit) corporation:

Charter/Organization ID: 03303660N
Type Entity: Non-Profit Corporation
Status: Not Active (Action by Secretary of State)
Domicile Address: 7703 BURTHE ST, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70118
Incorporated: 06/10/1963 | Effective: 06/10/1963
Registered Agent (Appointed 6/10/1963): RUTH KLOEPFER, 306 PINE ST, NEW
Registered Agent (Appointed 6/10/1963): WARNER KLOEPFER, 306 PINE ST, NEW

Warner and Daughter, Ruth Ann were members of the NOPCA... like SANE...a "ban the bomb" group. Unlike SANE however, this group was strangely devoid of activity. A letter to the papers about strontium 90 in milk, and two marches - which unlike the activities of a "lone nut ex-Marine"  - failed to draw the attention of the mainstream media. They DID have The Councilor there taking photos for a story... but that is hardly surprising since this was the organ of the White Citizens Council, and at least one member of NOCPA was also in the WCC: Donald Savory. Another member, Stephen Ambrose, went on to write glowingly of Republican presidents (including
Nixon), as well as a "thumbs up" review of Case Closed. Yet another member was FBI informant, Alfred Pleasonton.

Pine St had a number of other interesting residents.

Kent and Phoebe Courtney ran some of their printing operations out of Pine and nearby Green Sts. On Pine St, their address was 1018. Allegedly found on that particular block was a bunch of FPCC literature.

David Ferrie... I believe lived on Pine sometime soon after moving to NO from Ohio. Haven't yet confirmed this, but if true, he was living in the same street as the Kloepfers (who also came from Ohio) then, as well as from 1965 over on Louisiana Parkway until his death.

Medford Evans... 207 Pine St. Evans had been head of security for the AEC. He was also closely affiliated with both Edwin Walker and Kent Courtney. His name was on a list found in the car of Ashland Burchland when  Burchland was caught with a shitload of weapons and ammunitaion on his way to Miss. The list represented an org similar to the Minutemen. Another name on that same list was Felix Botello. Botello was a founding member of the American GI Forum in Dallas, along with Joe Molina. Evans was also a member of Courtney's Conservative Society of America, along with such notables as Charles Willoughby. Willoughby had helped William Buckley found YAF in 1960. According to a story on the JBS website, Evans had been aligned with Buckley - whom they refer to derisively as a "neoconservative" - before joining forces with the JBS - yet YAF was more
or less a Birch baby.

From The New American:
About Buckley and his magazine, let me close by relating a revealing incident from 1961. This was only a little more than two years after Robert Welch founded the John Birch Society. Buckley's magazine was already in existence. The incident I will relate was reported by Dr. Medford Evans in the old American Opinion magazine in October 1973. An early member of the Buckley team, Evans quit the Buckley crowd early on and joined the team led by JBS founder Robert Welch. This 1961 incident occurred in Dallas where he met Willmoore Kendall, the former Trotskyite, and a founder and senior editor of Buckley's National Review. The two men were interviewing U.S. Army General Edwin Walker, a member of the John Birch Society at the time. After meeting with the general, they got together for a renewal of their limited friendship, and I'll turn now to Medford Evans' 1973 article for the full story of this incident:

Kendall and I, still restless, went to a hamburger joint on Harry Hines Boulevard to drink coffee, reminisce about the past, and especially speculate about the future. After some comparatively idle talk Willmoore said to me: "Medford, I don't suppose there is any chance you could get Walker to let up in his campaigning against Communism, is there?" I replied: "No, Willmoore, not a chance. You could stand him up against a wall and shoot him, but you couldn't make him quit speaking out against Communism." (I thought Willmoore was just testing. He certainly was not jesting.) "I don't suppose," he continued, "there's any chance that you would even advise him to let up, would you?" I replied: "No, Willmoore, not a chance. You could stand me up against the same wall, but I would never advise him to quit fighting Communism."

Later Willmoore wrote me a letter from Oklahoma City, returning his motel key which he had inadvertently taken away, and expressing his regret that he and I could no longer be on the same side. Personally, he said, he wished me well (and he said the same of another former National Review contributor), but as for the great issue, and this is verbatim: "C'est la guerre."

Kendall's parting comment, of course, translates to "Such is war." It would later become obvious that the war to which he was referring was not between anti-Communists and Communists, but rather between the forces led by Bill Buckley and those led by Robert Welch. Neoconservatives who took control of the conservative movement and became dominant within the Republican Party - except for what the John Birch Society has maintained and beefed up - have always hated the JBS. And too, it must be said very clearly that neoconservatives are our nation's deadly enemies.

[And from the same story, Trotsky is called the first Neoconservative]

In 1927, Leon Trotsky broke with Lenin's partner Joseph Stalin and was forced into exile a year later. He broke with Leninism because he preferred having mankind choose Marxism rather than having it imposed through the brutality favored by Lenin and Stalin. It's important to understand that Trotsky wasn't an opponent of the Marxist program, which is socialism. He was only an opponent of the head cracking brought to the socialist movement by Lenin and continued by Stalin. Since he continued to be a definite challenge to the brutal Soviet leader, Trotsky was murdered by one of Stalin's agents in Mexico in 1940. Before he was killed, however, he had attracted a substantial following among men who never lost their determination to have socialism and world government control mankind.

In 1995, neocon godfather Kristol candidly stated, "I regard myself to have been a young Trostkyite and I have not a single bitter memory." You can see in that statement his willingness to identify with Trotsky. As far back as 1983, he claimed that "a conservative welfare state . is perfectly consistent with the neoconservative perspective."

This is from a bio of Socialist, Michael Harrington:
The middle portion of Isserman's story is the one most likely to tax readers' patience. This section details Harrington's 20-year career of sectarian intrigue, faction-fighting and movement building as a Shachtmanite. Max Shachtman was a charismatic autodidact, brilliant party hack and spellbinding orator who left his mark on a peculiar mixture of radicals and conservatives. He began his political pilgrimage as a communist and ended it as a father figure to the generation of right-wing socialists who later won high positions in the Reagan administration. In the 1920s Schactman was a Soviet-style communist; in 1929 he cofounded American Trotskyism and was a close associate of Leon Trotsky; in 1940 he founded the post-Trotskyist Independent Socialist League, which espoused what Shachtman called "Third Camp" revolutionary socialism; in the 1950s his theory of "democratic Marxism" provided the ideological scaffolding for democratic socialists who considered themselves too "hard" to join Norman Thomas's Socialist Party; in the 1960s he moved to the right, joined the Socialist Party, and cozied up to the leadership of the AFL-CIO; subsequently he was revered by neoconservatives as the champion of militantly anticommunist trade unionism.

So it would seem the Birchers' view on the roots of Neoconservatism aren't too far from what may be regarded as the truth...

Thomas was the favorite (perennial) presidential candidate in the Hyde household when Ruth Paine (Hyde) was young.

Thomas was also a member of SANE, along with Albert Schweitzer. At the time a young Marine was making plans to go to an obscure Swiss college named in honou of Schweitzer, USG director of Budgets, Percival Brundage, was on the board of it's US fund-raising body... The Friends of Albert Schweitzer College. He was also president of the association which founded the college - The International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF). This is turn was founded by "free-thinkers" from the Unitarian Church. Our Marine had few close associates in the military: one he did have was a wannabe author who was to write a book on our Marine PRIOR to the assassination. This wannabe, just happened to be attending a "left-wing" Unitarian Church at the time our Marine was formulating his overseas itinerary. Further, the minister at the church was Stephen Frichman. Frichman was to go on to give evidence before the HUAC in 1961. His name later surfaced in the notes of Richard Case Nagell.

Mixing Pop and Politics he asks me what the use is
I offer him embarrassment and my usual excuses
While looking down the corridor
Out to where the van is waiting
I'm looking for the Great Leap Forward

            Billy Bragg
 Australians don't mind criminals: It's successful bullshit artists we despise. 
             Lachie Hulme            
The Cold War ran on bullshit.

“God favors drunks, small children, and the cataclysmically stoned...” Steve King
"The worst thing about some men is that when they are not drunk they are sober." Billy Yeats
"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." Dino Martin
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Re: a ramble in and around Pine St, NO

Post by Hasan Yusuf on Fri 02 Dec 2016, 11:45 pm

Very interesting information, Greg.
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