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the ol' pulling 10 reasons out of the arse trick

on Mon 02 Jan 2017, 7:28 pm
Jim Hargrove pulling stuff out of his arse wrote:TEN REASONS TO BELIEVE IN HARVEY AND LEE
10. The IMPOSSIBLE 1953 school scenario: Harvey at Youth House for truancy followed by Beauregard JHS in New Orleans while Lee has good attendance both semesters at PS 44 in NYC.

This is achieved through creative accounting of school records by the same people who shrunk  (oops- actually added a number of inches to) Edwin Ekdahl in order to present a "tall" Marguerite.

9. John Pic's inability to recognize clear photographs of his own brother.

Half brother whom he had rarely seen in donkey's years. These geniuses claim the pic is of "Harvey" - product of Hungarian refugees. Since when do Hungarian refugees in NYC dress like good ol' southern boys?

8. The refusal of the Social Security Administration to corroborate the official story of "Oswald's" pre-1962 income, offering instead "Copies of three pages of the Warren Commission Report regarding employment of Lee Harvey Oswald prior to service in the Marine Corps."

Which shows his pre-62 income.

7. The Marine Corps records are a gold mine: my favorite chronicles Harvey Oswald's trip to Formosa (Taiwan) while Lee was being treated for VD in Japan.

Pure misreading of documents. Lee was treated for VD whilst on board. Former crew of the ship confirmed to me that they treated people for VD ON BOARD. 

6. The Bolton Ford incident while Harvey was in Russia.

No first name was ever used. All they had was a surname - Oswald. Big whoop. Like Lee Harvey Oswald was the only Oswald who ever lived in the south,

5. Marita Lorenz's secret testimony describing Lee Oswald with anti-Castro operatives in Miami and the Everglades while Harvey was in Russia.

Ah yes. Armstrong will use any witness who conforms to his theory. If James Files said he knew "Harvey" - Files would be the new Armstrong pin-up boy.

4. Lee Oswald visiting the Texas Employment Commission, filling out forms and taking tests, while Harvey was in Russia.

Bwwwwwhahahha Someone wrote an incorrect date on a form at TEC - with the correct date showing elsewhere. Bureaucrats never-ever screw up....  

3. The impossible answer(s) to the simple questions: Could Lee Harvey Oswald drive a car? Did he have a drivers license?

Not impossible to answer at all. He could drive (but not well) and never had a license. In H & L world, no one ever drives without a license and no one driving a car ever looked like someone who didn't. See how easy it is to live in H & L World?

2. The well documented appearance of Lee Oswald in the balcony of the Texas Theater soon after the murder of J.D. Tippit with the simultaneous arrest of Harvey Oswald on the main floor of the same theater.

WELL DOCUMENTED???? Please provide this plethora of documentation. There were KIDS up in the balcony - that according to news reporter Jim Ewell - who was there and does NOT report any arrest of any kids.

1. The behavior of the FBI in the first 48 hours of the "investigation," during which the Bureau confiscated many of "Lee Harvey Oswald's" school records

Yes. Those bastards took records that should have been kept at the School District office, from a school Lee never attended through a good friend of Jack White who happened to be deputy principal at the school. Amazing.

and teen-aged employment histories.

You mean the one I found in MFF and published in my book? The one you guys claimed was made to disappear? That one?

Six months later, the Bureau decided to test for fingerprints on boxes in the so-called "sniper's nest."

WTF does that have to do with the crap about disappearing school and work records?

Last edited by greg parker on Tue 03 Jan 2017, 9:17 am; edited 2 times in total

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Re: the ol' pulling 10 reasons out of the arse trick

on Mon 02 Jan 2017, 8:21 pm
These H & L fuckwits never give up with this crap...
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Re: the ol' pulling 10 reasons out of the arse trick

on Thu 05 Jan 2017, 4:06 am
Nice list Greg.
Shows they have nothing but a bad premise to go on.
H&L is S.O.L.
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Re: the ol' pulling 10 reasons out of the arse trick

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