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Help with testimony?

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Help with testimony?

Post by Steve Thomas on Wed 22 Mar 2017, 10:28 pm

When cross referencing Kenneth Croy and Mobil Gas Station, I ran across these two Google entries.

Can someone help me pinpoint who's testimony is being given?

I looked at Glen King's, and Kenneth Croy's, but didn't see this exchange.

Maybe I just missed it.

[url= Commission Volume 12_djvu.txt]Full text of "Warren Commission Report" - Internet Archive[/url]

5099 178 5100 180 5101 178 Croy Exhibit No. ... I am assistant chief of police of the Dallas Police Depart- ment. ...... I believe that it was that he was arrested at the Texas Theatre? ...... and against that blue background there is a picture of a Mobil gas station, which is white, and some background scenery which runs behind .

transfer of Lee Harvey Oswald from the Dallas City Jail to the Dallas County. Jail ; ... Croy ExhibitNo. 5051. 187 ...... Do you recall what TV stations had cameras up there at that time? ...... I have identified it by marking on the margin, "DallasTexas, ...... Mobil gas credit card, which has in the top half of it a band that has a blue.


Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

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Re: Help with testimony?

Post by greg parker on Wed 22 Mar 2017, 11:02 pm

Steve, the first is Arnett, the second is (I think) Batchelor (sp?)

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Re: Help with testimony?

Post by Steve Thomas on Thu 23 Mar 2017, 1:59 am

greg parker wrote:Steve, the first is Arnett, the second is (I think) Batchelor (sp?)

Thanks. I think my confusion was the result of some unrefined Boolean searching on my part.  
The first citation does seem to come from Arnett's testimony. (vol. XII, p. 149).
It looks like Griffin was testing Arnett's eyesight and pulled out a Mobil gas card. I don't know whose card it was, maybe Griffin's own.

I still haven't located the second one though.
And sorry, I meant Batchelor's testimony, not King's. Batchelor was the Assistant Chief, not King.

In his FBI interview of December 5, 1963 (Croy Exhibit 5051) and his Affidavit of December 1, 1963 (Croy Exhibit 5053) he gives his address as 2634 West Illinois. In his WC testimony of March 26, 1964 he gives his address as 1658 Glenfield - which as Hasan pointed out in his thread on Kenneth Croy, is a street that Tippit lived on at one point. ( which is about a mile southwest of the Texas Theater. Croy said that his house was about 3/4 of a mile from the Theater).

There is still a Exxon/Mobil gas station at 3200 West Illinois - so I don't know if that's the one Croy owned when he was living on Illinois or not. (It would make sense to live close to the business you own).

Hutson told the WC that he and Hawkins stopped at a Mobil gas station at 10th and Beckley. There's no Mobil gas station there now, but at one time there was a business called F&W Car Center. They went out of business. I don't see any connection between the owners and the case.

Thanks for your help.

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

Posts : 109
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Re: Help with testimony?

Post by Sponsored content

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