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new york leads

on Fri 10 Nov 2017, 10:42 pm
jko wrote:As to was discovered very early in the Korean War studies by
the Chinese and the North Koreans, that "an unknown child with a Southern
accent and "unstable" home life" was a prime potential defector to the CP.
Especially when you add a few more considerations.....being raised in a
female dominated father figure...or one who has a
"surogate" father figure, that is not adverse to criminal
activity.....Lee's uncle Dutz, was his father figure and involved in
illegal activity......physical "differances" or handicap ....high
IQ.....thirst for information..... adversion to authority. Lee was a prime
suspect for recruitment by the CP and a prime suspect to "infiltrate" such
actions on behalf of Sol Moskoff or Robort Morris.
My recent findings establish that there was in fact "a student network" of
informers to aid in this NYC problem within the Teachers Union run by
Moskoff and Morris.
Morris was a major Right Wing influence in Dallas during 1963 and the
"Special Counsel" to the Internal Security Subcommittee investigating the
NYC school system in 1952-53
I have just "discovered" the work of Sol Moskoff, so I have little to go
on as to his "student network" but I now have a starting point.
In addition
The DOD did not realize this major CP interest "profile" until they
started the Korean War POW study.....4,000 plus defectors. A large number
fit the same profile as LHO. So there are several considerations dealing
with this interest.  I believe that during 1950-1953 David Ferrie was
connected to the US Army MI unit that handled some of this study at Ft.
Hayes in Columbus Ohio.  It fits his profile and intersts.
So my interest may not be a script writer my goal has been
to present the most realistic profile of Lee Harvey Oswald as possible. I
can not ignore the NYC or Welfare influances of CPUSA members, during this
very critical period of Lee's would short change the profile.
Jim, this is part of a post you made in 2000 at alt.assassination.jfk Is there any more you can add now?  

I have zero doubts about that profile, but have had trouble over the years nailing it down to any firm source.  I also tried to verify the student informants run by Moskoff and Morris without any luck - although again, my gut feeling is that it existed.

What I did find was a group called Students for America who infiltrated leftist groups on campuses, but I could not link them to the teacher purges.

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Re: new york leads

on Sat 11 Nov 2017, 1:59 am
Greg:  The defector info was added to over the years and it was posted on dealing with "Ruby's Piano Player"  Thomas Peasner. Peasner's father and uncle were Union leaders in Dallas and associated with Gus Hall. Thomas had been a Korean War POW who defected, became a Marxist and in Sept 1963 bought a cheap Montgomery Wards rifle with a bad check.  Peasner may have lived or visited the musicans who lived across the street from the Paines.  Just about all my early NYC comes from sources you may not have access to down under.  The micro fische files of the New York Times.  I sat down with the index for the year and then looked up most of the articles that I was interested in.  I stopped working on that before you published your book. There was alot of material in those files that I wish you would have expanded on in
your book.  They are still available  to you if you have access to NYT indexes for the year and a micro fisce reader.

I could access the files locally if you want me to, but what I have now is yours if you need it.

I listened to your interview last night with Lancer, much better then the one we tried.  I think your new
book will be of interest.  I have Vella files and material
in connection, although we may differ Vella vs Project
TP I do have the material info on what the Soviets exchanged.  MAD is a critical issue during the period
and I picked Project TP (which deals with over the horizon radar) over Vella because of Nixon's trip during
the public release of information concerning the new
radar system and LHO defection.  Again all my files are
available to you.
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