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Black Maria

on Sat 11 Nov 2017, 1:54 am
Black Maria
In May 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt approved the creation of a biological weapons program.
A year later a two-story building dubbed Black Maria was built at Camp Detrick. The purpose of this building was to fulfill a British order for 7 pounds of Clostridium botulinum – a bacteria which causes botulism. The person chosen to head the team was Harvard bacteriologist Alwin Pappenheimer, Jr. The team succeeded within 2 months and the program continued to grow from there.

So who was Pappenheimer? He was interviewed by the FBI as one of the regular holiday residents on the Forbes owned Naushon Island and he was married to Mike Paine’s aunt – a sister to Mike’s mother.

This admittedly is not directly relevant to the assassination, but it is another nail in the carefully crafted image presented regarding the Paine and Hyde families.  Some may defend Pappenheimer’s involvement on the basis that bio warfare is somehow more humane than guns and bombs, or perhaps defend it on the alleged basis of bringing a quicker end to war. Both of those arguments, if offered though, should be vigorously rejected. The fact is that Pappenheimer’s counterparts in Germany and Japan were regarded as evil incarnate, and bioweapons in any case, were already banned by the Geneva Protocol.  Pappenheimer himself may or may not have conducted experiments on unwitting human guinea pigs, but as sure as night follows day, the bioweapons he created killed innocent victims and enemy combatants alike without discriminating.
British Cabinet Subcommittee documents in fact kept the subject of botulism ever closer to their chests than any other toxin subject to testing. It was referred to simply as “Toxin X” and labelled “secret” and “to be kept under lock and key”. In one instance, the papers were even labelled “not to be circulated”.

Black Maria at Fort Detrick where Pappenheimer produced 
Botulism for the British.

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