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Soviet Radar

on Sat 11 Nov 2017, 2:55 am
Soviet Radar notes
University of Kharkov Red Army Signal Labs    Hytischi

Radar Systems

C-W Doppler

US SCR-584 fire control radar....Soviet Son-2
SCR-545 527/627. 582/682, 602 Radar

British searchlight control radar "Elsie

During period the Soviets were well aware of their offensive and defensive radar systems and it was necessary to greatly expand the use of radar equipment of various kinds since the June 22, 1941 surprise attack by the Germans, where they lost over 1,200 aircraft.

The MIT Radiation Laboratory series of books was a "Bible" to Soviets

Minsk plant?
electron-tube field production
X-Band and S-Band tubes for radar jamming.

Key interest to Soviets details on KU-band (mainstay of U.S. jamming systems at the time?

Soviets also used three primary sets in 1950

RUS-2,  moble ground radar used in WW11  obsolete during period of 50's.
Inaccurate in measurement of range and bearing, lack of height-finding capability and poor range against low-flying aircraft.

Pegmatit  Static ground radar

Dumbo improvement over RUS-2 not moble

Token was next generation of radar, with two subgroups.
V-beam and multisearch radars

50 V-beam radar systems spread across the USSR

This radar inspired by the U.S. AN/CPS-6 V beam set  (MIT book series)

Knife Rest A and GAGE EW and surveillance radar.

Patty Cake Radar height finder produced by Soviets in 1953 used until 1956

Scan Odd was developed, the first Soviet AI radar (with limited all-weather capabilty.
GAGE and Patty Cake used together as a system.

**The Use of Radar in Soviet Antiaircraft Defense" Air Ministry Secret Intelligence Summary

Scan Can radar system

Soviets develop the following systems

Flat Face (SA-3)
Stone Cake
Sponge Cake
Cross Out
Big Bar A
Big Bar B     1960
Big Bar C     1960
Spoonrest B   1960
Spoonrest C   1960
Mod Tall King 1961

Side Net      1962  SA-1 SA-5
Back Net      1962
Long Track    1963   SA-4  SA-6

AAF "Roundup of Red Radars  Intelligence Digest Vol 7 No 8 Jan 1954

Soviet Union/Russia

    P-3 "Dumbo", Early warning ground control radar.
    P-8 "Knife Rest A", Early warning ground control radar.
    P-10 "Knife Rest B", Early warning ground control radar.
    P-12 "Spoon Rest", Early warning ground control radar.
    P-14 "Tall King", Early warning radar.
    P-15 "Flat Face A", Surveillance/Target acquisition radar.
    P-18 "Spoon Rest D", Early warning radar.
    P-19 "Flate Face B", Surveillance/Target acquisition radar.
    Casta 2E1 "Flat Face E" Surveillance radars.
    P-20 "Bar Lock", Early warning ground control radar.
    P-30 "Big Mesh", Early warning ground control radar.
    P-35 "Bar Lock", Early warning ground control radar.
    P-37 Bar Lock
    P-40 "Long Track", Early warning/Target acquisition radar.
    P-70 , Early warning radar.
    Kabina 66 Back Net
    36D6 Tin Shield
    Hen House ABM radar
    Fan Song for SA-2
    Straight Flush radar for SA-6
    Flap Lid for SA-10


    N001 Myech
    N007 Zaslon
    N010 Zhuk
    N011 Bars
    N019 Rubin ·
    N035 Irbis (see Sukhoi Su-35BM)
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