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Did Randy Robertson really find an extra bullet?

on Sun 12 Nov 2017, 7:01 am
Randy Robertson found an account of a Naval officer named Young who was at the JFK autopsy who says he sent Mills and Martenell to search the limo for skull fragments during the autopsy.  He says they returned with three skull fragments and a misshapen but intact bullet.

I am a new member so I can't post a link but if you search for the following string it is at the top of the list.
Navy Doctor: Bullet Found in JFK's Limousine, and Never Reported 

Mills, Martenell, and Floyd were the three who were said to have searched the car in Secret Service Chief Rowley's letter to the Warren Commission.  I have never known how the bullet fragments found in the limo were supposed to have gotten to the FBI so maybe they did go through the autopsy.  The only discrepancy I see here is that there were supposed to be two fragments from the limo, there was only one at the autopsy, and the one at the autopsy does not match those in evidence.  If the record shows that the two fragments in evidence went directly from the limo to the FBI then there is more of a case.  I did notice that at the bottom of page 51 Young speaks glowingly of the work of the morticians.  He specifically compliments his hair.  The mortician who testified before the HSCA said they thought JFK was suitable for an open casket.  In comments in Manchester's notes, those who saw JFK the morning after said he looked terrible.  One called him the incredible wax dummy.  The one that caught my attention most was that his hair was all askew.  If the morticians could sew JFK's shredded scalp back together then it seems like they should be able to get his hair right.  Hair spray had been invented in 1963.  You could always call motherhood in the case of the mortician but now we have an independent witness who agrees that, at least at some time, since Young does not say when he saw the body, JFK looked good.  I am assuming Young saw it before the others.  It seems the state of JFK's body changed between the time the morticians left and the next morning.  I believe fake autopsy photos were made after the head was restored. That's what messed up his hair.  I don't think anybody knew what the story really was or what it was going to be that night and they were keeping their options open by constructing alternative scenarios.  The BOH photo was not made with JFK propped up from behind.  He was lying on his side.  A chunk of bone visible in another photo is just sitting on his head and the heal of that hand is positioning it.  It looks a lot more convincing with it rotated to make his head upright as it was presented.  Though it looks like it shortly after the head shot, there is no bone hinge in the Zapruder film.
Posts : 25
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Re: Did Randy Robertson really find an extra bullet?

on Mon 13 Nov 2017, 9:31 am
I found in his WC testimony that Robert Frazier received the limo fragments from Special Agent Orrin Bartlett who was the FBI's liaison with the Secret Service.  So where was Bartlett when he got them?  Seems like he would more likely be with the limo than at the autopsy.  I can't find Chief Rowley's letter to the WC explaining what happened with the limo.  He mentions the finding of bullet fragments but I don't remember him saying anything about skull fragments.  Maybe this is interesting as this could have been a way fragments were replaced.

[Edit forgot]

I thought this part of Robert Frazier's testimony concerning a limo fragment was of interest.

Mr. EISENBERG - Any further questions on this bullet fragment, Mr. Chairman?
Mr. McCLOY - Do we have any proof in the-record thus far as to where the fragment referred to a moment ago came from?
Mr. EISENBERG - Honestly, I am not sure. I know it will be in the record eventually, but I have not taken that up as part of this testimony.
Mr. McCLOY - That will be subject to further proof.

This is exactly the question I am asking now.  Where did those limo fragments come from?  It seems they had not yet decided.  I couldn't find the date of this testimony.  I think Frazier testified twice and both times were fairly late.
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