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LHO marine time is how spook training would look

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LHO marine time is how spook training would look

Post by greg parker on Thu 16 Nov 2017, 11:38 pm

JKP 08/14/2009 wrote:Well I've spent 33 years associated with the US Army, 1966-1999, and did some intell work in /Japan/Germany/US/Saudi Arabia and I know for a fact that Oswald had all the training needed to become a "spook".

By his 18th birthday while in Japan:

1.  He had  two years of prep time creating his "Marxist Marine Persona".

2.  His enlistment was "fraudulent" .

3.  He had all the formal basic combat training needed for any "spook".

4.  He had the MOS and Duty Assignment of interest to any enemy of the state.

5.  His two SCM's created grounds for his "enlistment" by any subversive group.

6.  They also prevented him from "working his MOS" and having anything of value that he might be forced to revel, other then what he was tasked to "give out".

7.  He had "unassigned duties" that would allow for him to be "out of sight out of mind".

8.  His separation was fraudulent.

9.  His background fit the 1956 Department of Defense profile of a member of the US Armed Forces who would be a "prime target" to defect.

It does not require "six months or so" to train somebody for a "task".....if that person has the background as did Oswald.  Oswald could not have arranged for all this background on his own without purpose and support from "above".


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greg parker

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Re: LHO marine time is how spook training would look

Post by James K. Olmstead on Fri 17 Nov 2017, 2:31 am

Greg:  That profile can be expanded to include actions in
Dallas, New Orleans, Mexico and back in Dallas.  I' am hoping to post here some consideration of evidence, that expands on the profile real soon.  if nothing else it is food for thought, however its based on the evidence at hand.  

Due to the volume of work on Oswald, I tried to keep things separated into "periods" of activity...the USMC period, New Orleans Mexico City, as a "Path to Dallas"..jko

James K. Olmstead

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