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Stan Dane
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rider - BWF Where's Your Rider Reprise - Page 2 Empty Re: BWF Where's Your Rider Reprise

on Sun 29 Jul 2018, 3:36 am
Mick Purdy wrote:It's very important to remember this too. There could only be one reason for the panic at about 6.00pm that Friday night when it was thought there was a news photo about showing Oswald on the steps.

In my opinion there can only be one reason for that panic. That is to say that somebody (possibly Fritz and Co) knew about Oswald's alibi of being on those steps at the time of the assassination. They would have been petrified if any photographic evidence showing Lee Oswald anywhere else other than the sixth floor of the TSBD at that exact moment came to light.  Why would anyone bother to chase that up? Why? 

Because they knew how adamant Lee Oswald had been about his whereabouts at that time that's why.
Think about that for a moment. Take all the time you need.

 Who would've thought that the Altgen's 6 photo , the Doorman pic - would come in handy and help us understand why the Darnell and Weigman frames are so important in proving Oswald was where he said he'd been and had an airtight alibi. The fact that they bothered to visit Lovelady and had to have him confirm the figure in the doorway was he is proof that they at least must've believed Oswald when he'd said he was on those steps.
 Altgens was a still photo -  Darnell along with Weigman's were moving pictures. That's crucial in understanding why it would have been near impossible for the average person to ever know whether Lee Oswald had been filmed out front of the TSBD by the various news cameramen shooting on 16mm film. There were no portable consumer viewing devices at least not for the average punter.

But the Altgen's well that's another thing. Shot on a still camera in high quality resolution and easily viewable once printed within hours of it being taken.

Spot on, Mick.
Altgens 6 was a high-resolution photo immediately available for the world to see. Darnell and Wiegman were films that were not shown to mass audiences for many many years after the fact. And even when they were finally shown, they were generally of poor quality and fast-paced (e.g. the original PM photo in "Oswald Leaving TSBD?"), so nothing really jumped out as suspicious to the average viewer weaned on the official Warren Commission account.
No matter how good they are, plotters—those who would engage in conspiracy to commit and/or cover up crimes—cannot think of everything. Impossible. They may be damn good but their plans are never perfect; small details are always missed. Always.
(And for the Government-Media Complex who loves to paint those who ask legitimate questions with their favorite CIA-created pejorative, "conspiracy theorist," screw you. Watergate was a conspiracy, but it turned out to be true, didn't it. The truth WILL come out. You bastards who have carried the water for the cover-up crew are on the wrong side and you will all go down in history as inconsequential little ankle-biting shitbirds, if not outright criminals. And I still think I'll live long enough to see that happen.)
We, along with other good researchers, are now the ones discovering all the little mistakes made by the cover-up crew. The images of Prayer Man, images that anyone who can fog a mirror can clearly see, are examples of mistakes that the plotters/cover-up crew didn't foresee or anticipate.
The plotters/cover-up crew actually did a shitty job. What they left behind was, at best, a tattered flag, something cobbled together in haste to pitch a false story. No worries though: they had the Government-Media Complex to keep the approved narrative "pure and undefiled." But that doesn't last forever. Things change.
Now their mistakes—the things overlooked, their shortcomings—are looming larger and larger as November 22, 1963 recedes in the rear view mirror. This will only increase. The Lovelady-Altgens 6 Chinese fire drill in the hours following the assassination was probably one of the biggest threats to the approved, evolving narrative. Oswald said he was down in front. ("Don't write that down!!!")

"We done solved that one, boys!  Now let's get that little fucking commie rat bastard up in the second floor lunchroom and we got this! You know what you need to do, Bookhout, after the thing in the basement happens. You won't be needed, Hosty."
The JFK assassination will be back in the spotlight someday. Clearer images of Prayer Man will eventually emerge. The clear, open source, record will be examined by new, critical thinkers who will build on the work we've done. They won't be deterred. A new generation of people will see that the government lied to us: Lee Oswald did not kill President Kennedy. Once that is clearly established, the next obvious question will be: who did—and why was it covered up?
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rider - BWF Where's Your Rider Reprise - Page 2 Empty Re: BWF Where's Your Rider Reprise

on Tue 31 Jul 2018, 7:08 am

Captain Fritz reprise....
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