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Fred Korth

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Fred Korth

Post by greg parker on Sat 23 Dec 2017, 8:41 pm

Fred Korth
Let’s start this by looking at Joe Cooper. Cooper was a top notch private investigator, former cop and undercover operative for the FBI into the Klan. He had even foiled an assassination attempt on Hubert Humphrey in that undercover role.

By 1966, Joe Cooper was off on his own Kennedy investigation, focusing on Naval Intelligence. From 1966 to 1975, the detective put together bits and pieces of strange coincidences that he felt pointed to U.S. Naval Intelligence being involved in the Kennedy assassination. Looking at that angle as early as 1966 I think made him well ahead of his time.

An intensely patriotic man, Cooper felt he had to do whatever he could to help find the truth. "I love my country, but this was not the way to change it by killing a president," he said.

Cooper was convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald was a Naval Intelligence agent, and was certain that nine mysterious passengers on a cruise on the aircraft carrier Shangri-La sponsored by Secretary of the Navy Fred Korth in August of 1963 had something to do with the assassination.
Memo to Jim Garrison. I have bolded relevant sections:
From: Andrew J. Sciambra, Assistant D.A.
To: Jim Garrison, District Attorney
Re: Interview of Joseph Cooper, Baton Rouge, La. Relative to Lee
Harvey Oswald
I interviewed Cooper who informed me that he and Marguerite Oswald communicate with each other by telephone from time to time. He said the last time he talked to Marguerite Oswald was about a month ago after he got out of the hospital.
Marguerite Oswald's private telephone number in Dallas, Texas is: A/C 817-732-6839.
Cooper said that he has established a fine relationship with Marguerite and would be glad to go to Dallas and talk to her for us.
In addition to some of the information which he has given us in the past, Cooper said that Marguerite told him that she called Clem Sehrt after the assassination and asked him to help her son. Sehrt informed her that he no longer practiced law. She said she had known Sehrt and Victor Schiro when she was living in New Orleans.
Marguerite told Cooper that she is very suspicious of Fred Korth and told him that Lee's discharge from the Marine Corps was handled by Fred Korth. [Written in the margin in Garrison's distinctive pen is: "Great Job! General Dynamics thru bank"]
Cooper said he found out that the house Marguerite was living in at the time of the assassination belonged to a close friend of Fred Korth, a Mrs. Mary E. McCarthy. Cooper said Marguerite also told him that Fred Korth played a part in Lee's life but did not explain any further.
Cooper said Marguerite also asked him some questions about Lee's CAP outfit that he was unable to answer.

In summary, Cooper suspected that Korth planned the assassination with 9 others on board the Shangri-La in August 1963. That’s all but impossible to verify of course, though some research on the others on board may shed further light. That’s by way of saying that Korth’s involvement does not hinge on this aspect.

More telling is Marguerite’s suspicion of him and her claims that he played a role in Lee’s life including that he aided in Lee’s fraudulent early out from the Marines. I think that is extremely plausible.

Korth by the way, was on the side of the Generals during the Missile Crisis and supported military action as opposed to the blockade and back channels.

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