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Re: The Backyard Photos: Ring Transposition

on Wed 17 Oct 2018, 2:44 pm


 CE 133-A and CE 133-B were found in the Paine 
garage along with their negatives.

Two More "backyard photographs"

[size=undefined]T[size=undefined]wo further "backyard photographs" gained some notoriety when they were discovered separately in later years. The first came to light when Oswald's friend George de Mohrenschildt returned from Haiti in April 1967 and found the third "backyard photograph" in a piece of luggage which he had left in storage during his absence (9). On the back were two handwritten inscriptions: "To my friend George from Lee Oswald - 5/IV/63" and, in Russian Cyrillic script: "Hunter of fascists ha-ha-ha!!!"[/size][/size]
[size=undefined]133-A deMohrenschildt [size=undefined](HSCA Exhibit)[/size][size=undefined]

Some researchers believe the first of these inscriptions is in Oswald's handwriting, but the style in which the date is written has long caused general concern. British researcher Anthony Summers states: "A researcher's check of the dozens of letters and documents written by Oswald has produced not one example of a date written like the one of the back of the photograph." (10).
However, in the course of researching this article, Melanie Swift has discovered a postcard written by Lee Harvey Oswald (in Minsk) to brother Robert (in Fort Worth) on which the date is written as 10/V/62 (11). In it, the message refers to Lee's daughter June as being "almost 3 months old now" and since she was born on 15th February 1962, that date (10/V/62) is obviously 10th May 1962. This provides a precedent for Lee writing a date in this "European" style with a Roman numeral indicating the month. It also tells us that the inscription on the de Mohrenschildt "backyard photograph" was written on 5th April 1963 - a date, incidentally, just five days prior to the attempt on the life of Major General Edwin A Walker (12).
133-A deMohrenschildt back of photo[size=undefined](HSCA Exhibit)[/size]

The identity of the author of the second (Russian) inscription remains uncertain. It has been suggested that Marina Oswald may have been the writer (13)

The photograph itself shows Oswald in a similar pose to that in CE 133A but with both arms held higher. Photographic analyst Jack White has claimed that the de Mohrenschildt photograph appears to have been taken with a far more sophisticated camera than the others. It allegedly shows far greater detail (14). We feel that further research is required in this area. (See note 3.)
 133C-Dees (White)
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Re: The Backyard Photos: Ring Transposition

on Wed 17 Oct 2018, 2:54 pm

Backyard Photos Discovered Amongst Oswald’s Possessions

At 4:30 PM (CST) November 23, 1963, the Dallas Police Identification Bureau received two negatives matching photographic prints showing “Lee Harvey Oswald holding rifle with scope.” Earlier in the afternoon, Dallas Police detectives had undertaken a second search at Ruth Paine’s home in Irving, Texas, concentrating on the small one-car garage where seabags, suitcases and boxes belonging to Lee Oswald were stored. The Investigation Report (CE Stovall D) states ”found by Dets. Rose was two snapshots and negatives showing Oswald holding the rifle (murder weapon) and wearing a pistol in a holster on his right hip (Tippitt murder weapon).”

The Identification Bureau would create copies from the negatives, including an 8x10 enlargement of the backyard photo later identified as 133A (CE134). An hour later, at approximately 6 PM, Lee Oswald underwent another round of questioning and was confronted with the enlargement. Oswald rejects it as a fake, claiming “somebody has superimposed my face on that picture” (Rose WC testimony). Oswald is subsequently shown the found print of the second photograph, 133-B, which he dismisses as simply a smaller version of the larger doctored print. He accuses the Dallas police of being responsible for the creation of a fake photograph and states he will not discuss this photograph further without the advice of an attorney. Oswald assures his interrogators that he was familiar with photographic processes and would, in the fullness of time, demonstrate the technique used to create this composite.
At this same time, the content of the photos was being leaked to reporters. The Dallas Police had been under pressure all day to explain their certainty the suspect was indeed the president’s assassin. At a press scrum, Police Chief Jesse Curry’s announcement of the other big discovery of the day, the Klein’s order letter for the mail order rifle, was up
staged by inquiries regarding these photos:

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Re: The Backyard Photos: Ring Transposition

on Wed 17 Oct 2018, 3:00 pm
The link of the alleged murder weapons with the suspect, although more tenuous than initially portrayed, was publicized as a major breakthrough and helped harden opinion that Oswald was the assassin ahead of his own murder. The presence of radical left wing literature in the photos also helped solidify a portrait of Oswald as a dangerous communist. Curry’s misreading of a newspaper banner - Be Militant instead of The Militant - is indicative of a particular frame of reference, and explains a note jotted by reporter Seth Kantor: “Ask Fritz ... 501 Elm is place that processed photo. What are details of photo (showing gun & Daily Worker head: “Be Militant.” (CE Kantor 3)1

Backyard Photo Leaked To the Media

In early 1964, the backyard photo identified as 133-A was sold and/or released to several newspapers and magazines, resulting in wide public dissemination, most notably on the cover of Life Magazine’s February 21 issue. The release of the photo was considered a serious breach of the Warren Commission’s confidentiality, and the FBI was tasked with investigating “how the press got hold of the photo.” The FBI responded energetically, focusing resources in numerous cities.
Officially, an FBI summary (CE1788) would report that Dallas Police officials Will Fritz, George Doughty, George Lumpkin and Carl Day, acknowledge multiple copies of both backyard photos were made for investigation purposes immediately after the assassination, but they knew nothing concerning the dissemination to the media. Captain Fritz would refer to information published in the March 2 edition of Newsweek, claiming that Life Magazine and the others bought their copy of the photo from representatives of Marina Oswald.
An internal FBI memorandum dated March 25, 1964 is far less circumspect, stating: “Based on our investigation it would appear all of the photographs emanated from the Dallas Police Department.” The Dallas Police, as the HSCA would later confirm, “made numerous copies and did not control the dissemination.” Life Magazine negotiated a price of $5000 with Marina Oswald’s business agents for the publication rights to the photo, but the photo itself came from “an enterprising young man in the Dallas Police Department.” Life had an “original copy negative” of the photo, made in Dallas. (Shaneyfelt Exhibit 10)2

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Re: The Backyard Photos: Ring Transposition

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