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To Larry Rivera

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To Larry Rivera

Post by greg parker on Sat 09 Mar 2013, 12:28 pm

“I continued to stay right on the steps where I was. I didn’t move from there, I didn’t talk with someone who was sitting there that, uh, was – was on the stairs, as I said earlier. With the same two people. And the shots came from – apparently now – they came from around in a group of people scrambling.” Later on the same topic, “And I moved to the right. “Cause I was very interested in staying – there is no way to get caught. Standing there in the middle.”(69)

Then Day asked him a very simple, important and relevant question:
DAY: Are you in any pictures?
FRAZIER: No – I don’t remember. What, uh-what I was gonna say is that it sounded – sounded like they were taken in the fall. It was then that was, you know, perfect. But being there at that time I didn’t know.(70)


A couple of things. Firstly, I didn't do the transcription. That was Richard Gilbride - the same person who deserves a friggin' statue struck in his honor for rescuing all those tapes and transcripts rotting away.

Secondly, some parts of the transcripts are Richard's best guess. As much as I love the guy, I don't have as much confidence in the accuracy of some of those "best guess" parts as he does. They should not be hard to pick. It is the sections where q & don't seem to correspond, or the answer is nonsensical to whatever degree. In any case, relying on those parts of the transcript to support any theory is not a good idea, imo.

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