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John Paisley:Was his an Induced Suicide?

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John Paisley:Was his an Induced Suicide?

Post by greg parker on Sun 24 Jan 2010, 10:01 pm

For background on Paisley, and why he is a key figure, see:

According to his CIA acquaintances, a change came over John Paisley in his last months. Phil Wagener says, "He suddenly seemed to become calm and serene, and some friends later interpreted that he'd already made up his mind to commit suicide and didn't have any more conflict." Colonel Norman Wilson remembers Paisley watching a Mission Impossible episode on TV. "He laughingly used the word 'self-destruct' a couple of times," says Wilson. Shortly before Paisley turned 55, Wilson recalls him saying that he "didn't plan to exceed the speed limit."

Betty Myers, a girlfriend that Paisley had been seeing for several years, also believes it was a suicide. John was often depressed, she says, and enjoyed quoting her melancholy poems such as "Richard Corey". She says she told him she was leaving him shortly before his last sail.

But Maryann Paisley [his ex-wife - my insertion], who remained in touch with John, takes a different view. "He was more himself than he'd been in a long time. He'd gotten his sense of humor back. He'd attended a session of Lifespring [a group-encounter movement - author's insertion] and loved it."

On the Trail of the JFK Assassins, Dick Russell, p179

The question as to murder or suicide can best be answered by finding out if it was his own idea to attend Lifespring, or whether it was someone within the CIA or connected to the agency. The former is unlikely as Lifespring did not advertise. It relied solely upon word-of-mouth.

The plaintiffs, who are now under psychiatric care, say Lifespring caused them serious emotional, mental, physical and economic harm, by using “outrageous and extreme practices” such as deprivation of food, sleep, prescription drugs and bathroom privileges, and subjecting members to emotional and physical bombardment. As a result of these practices the plaintiffs felt pressured to stay in the organization and recruit new members.
Lifespring sued

Other reading, including cases of suicide:

In 1980 ABC's 20/20 aired an investigative report about Lifespring. They interviewed cult expert Dr. John Clark of Harvard Medical School, who said the group practiced mind control and brainwashing.

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