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New Orleans Bus Station

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New Orleans Bus Station

Post by greg parker on Wed 08 Jan 2014, 12:06 pm

a city busdriver recalls that at the same time of day and at the same location he picked up a man who was carrying two suitcases of different sizes, and helped him place them so that they would not disturb the other passengers. The driver remembers that the man asked directions to the Greyhound bus station. He discharged the passenger at an intersection where he could board a Canal Street car and transfer to another bus which would go past the Greyhound and Continental Trailways stations.

Reposted from another thread.

Why would a native of New Orleans who didn't drive and relied upon public transport, not know where to find the bus station?

Also while I'm at it... Eric Rogers testimony has this

Mr. ROGERS. The station wagon was visible. I called my wife. I said, "Well, he must be leaving." They were packing all the things. Probably left the next night or sometime like I told you, the following night after. Had the two things in his hand and goggles on like he was running out of there. I don't know what he was doing. 
Mr. LIEBELER. Tell us about those goggles. Were they something like sunglasses? Describe them. 
Mr. ROGERS. I don't know. I couldn't say that. 

He is describing "Oswald" leaving with his two cases -- wearing what looked to Eric like goggles.

Oswald did own sunglasses - but I don't think they could be mistaken for goggles. 

I have held the thought that this was not Oswald at all - and that the goggles were some type of torch or headlamp -- or even night vision goggles - worn so the person could see inside without drawing attention by turning on lights.

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