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greg parker
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HSCA documents and transcripts now available

on Wed 04 Aug 2010, 10:45 am
A number of important documents and transcripts will be put up at Richard Gilbride HSCA Collection . Later, there will also be audio of interviews made available.

I don't want to go overboard and embarrass Richard, but it needs to be said this has been a mighty effort on his part, and I thank him for allowing me the privilage of hosting the material.

Richard Gilbride's HSCA Collection

on Sat 07 Aug 2010, 10:21 am
My Archives adventure was incredible. Man, I'm sure glad I didn't have to paint that place. Even with a full crew we would've been there 'til 2017.

My next priority, once I got the heck out o' there, was to stash these docs & recordings someplace safe. I figured my need to look at 'em once in a while outweighed concerns over privacy. Greg has been sporting enough to carve out a new wing in his cybercafe named after me. I don't feel like paintin' that establishment, either.

So now I gotta figure out what the next project is for me, that'll keep me entertained & on my toes. Thinking of rounding up a posse of US Marshalls and checkin' up on some old "friends" who maybe prefer talkin' instead of a citizens' arrest & 7 years in solitary, at their age. With plenty of interrogators observing through the 2-way mirror.
Frankie Vegas
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Re: HSCA documents and transcripts now available

on Mon 16 Aug 2010, 1:13 pm
Thank you Richard. I can't wait to have a good read.

Worth a star

Re: HSCA documents and transcripts now available

on Tue 17 Aug 2010, 10:50 pm
Thank you for thanking me, Frankie.

I've been working on transcribing the tail end of Wesley Frazier's interview the last couple of days, you know, he was a country boy he knew Lee and when they was, uh, driving to work and such, they would talk back and forth 'cause Lee wasn't a real outgoing type, as I said earlier, uh, he wouldn't talk about the Cowboys or anything like that, you know? So when we'd get to the Depository there wasn't much left between our ears...

And you'd function in that condition?

Well, uh, like I said previously, there was nothing much better to do.

Now, we're not making fun of your ability to butcher the English language, Mr. Frazier. There are several more items we'd like to address, regarding whether you directly answer our questions or hide behind that sly drawl of yours...
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Re: HSCA documents and transcripts now available

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