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Most tragic events are not directly related, nor a domestic Conspiracy

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Most tragic events are not directly related, nor a domestic Conspiracy

Post by Guest on Mon 03 Mar 2014, 3:03 am

                Jim Marrs in a well-known and often featured conspiracy advocate, unfortunately his speculations and unsupported ideas have also gained fame. Instead of healthy skepticism and review of most evidence, Marrs is content to offer unverified views. Marrs asserts these subjects remain important to him. Yet, his assertions often damage informed review.

American history contains significant moments of loss and injustice. Some officials have committed verified misdeeds, and others exhibited blatant incompetence. However, the vast majority were not a murderous conspiracy. This does not mean officials have not used certain events to benefit themselves and their chosen special interests. Yet without substantial verified evidence to connect two points in history, both remain independent occurrences. Tacit connections presented as substantial fail to prove many claims offered. 

"I liked him as a person but the churches here had told us that JFK in office meant the Pope would run the country. I was horrified by his murder, of course, but it was kind of a gift and cheered in the DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) area. Just week before, UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson was spit upon in Dallas amid cries to "Get out of the U.N." (Jim Marrs) [i]

Most of these claims are correct; however, the most important is pure speculation. Various preachers did claim President Kennedy would obey the Pope in Rome. Others asserted the deadly event delighted some citizens. Yet unless Marrs has proof to substantiate a large group of people celebrating the assassination, the claim is unproven. Many have attempted to label Dallas the City of Hate since Kennedy's assassination. It is an untenable emotional distraction.

No city, state, or country is responsible for the actions of a citizen or citizens by virtue of geography. Fringe political elements and their loud dissent cannot reasonably assign blame to a large area of Americans. The blame resides upon those who perpetrated the crime. The people residing in Dallas and Fort Worth bear no responsibility.

"The Secret Service guys were drinking at the Cellar Club the night before, but it was not about partying, they were violating Secret Service regulations, drinking vodka in grim fashion, whispering, trying to get their courage up or forget what was going to go down the next day." (Jim Marrs)

Marrs again mixes fact with speculation. It is true the Secret Service did violate repeated protocols. Some agents drank alcohol and had little sleep the night before. [ii] [iii] Delayed responses were definitely a contributing factor. However, this was the extent of verified evidence. Marrs now diverges from evidence into grand speculation.

Instead of attributing these mistakes to likely disregard and desire to engage with strippers, Marrs claims the Secret Service had direct knowledge of a conspiracy. He assumes complicity because they were drinking and violating protocol. No primary evidence supports this claim, nor do most witnesses. It is unnecessary to attribute nefarious action to what corroborated misconduct explains.

"I remember talking to others, more than a hundred witnesses near the Grassy Knoll who heard a bang, then a pause, then a bang, bang, in a rapid fire sequence not possible with a bolt action rifle. There was synchronization, three salvos or volleys, as many as nine total shots fired..." (Jim Marrs)

Marrs' personal discussions and feasibly inaccurate count of witnesses again mixes truth with speculation. Dozens of witnesses did hear shots from the Grassy Knoll [iv] [v] [vi] [vii] [viii] [ix] [x] [xi] [xii], yet this number did not approach or exceed one hundred. The majority of witnesses are unquestioned in the aftermath. Some important witnesses did hear a rapid-fire sequence [xiii], and some heard four shots.[xiv] [xv] [xvi] Yet this does not support his extraordinary claim of three volleys and up to nine shots. His ideas are consistently inaccurate.

Marrs additionally states officials arrested Oswald in a strange way. He mistakenly believes this is meaningful and infers nefarious action. Marrs finally offers substantial information by referencing the large amount of witnesses who substantiate a Grassy Knoll firing position. Unfortunately, it becomes lost in his attempts to perceive deeper implications without evidence.

"I wrote a major newspaper article about the Congressional JFK investigation and stated it was an inside job, a cup d'état, when the powers-that-be killed Kennedy in 1963. I began teaching a JFK class at UT-Arlington in 1976, and students could vote at the end of class and they voted unanimously that it was a coup d'état, there was no proof on the other side....The last two pieces of evidence pinning the crime on Oswald have recently collapsed..." (Jim Marrs)

These bold claims and hearsay do not substantiate the many ideas Marrs presents. He determined a conspiracy occurred without a substantial amount of decisive evidence in 1974. He taught a class on the subject before the evidence revealed during the House Select Committee on Assassinations was even a consideration. Marrs unfortunately seeks to use the vote in a class he taught as confirmation of his ideas. They fail to do so, additionally the claim fails to account for his influence and control of information his students received. It overlooks his bias and students desire to do well in his class.

His claim of no proof on the official side is also deficient. Officials despite their many errors and acts of suppression do possess a significant amount of evidence. Most evidence gathered by the CIA and FBI was to implicate Oswald. Yet verified information must enjoy consideration despite who offers it. Marrs seeks to dismiss large portions of evidence due to his disregard for officials. All the evidence must be reviewed to render a viable inquiry.

Marrs then digresses into already determined official inconsistencies that do not prove a conspiracy. He again speculates that Dallas officials were complicit in illegal actions; he fails to consider incompetence. While many actions of involved authorities were dishonest and repressive, mistakes did occur repeatedly. His assertions including many connected individuals to a conspiracy do not consider the likely chance of discovery.

"Well I have read the book reporting on the autopsy of JW's (John Wilkes Booth) remains in 1931 and Booth died in 1909. There is not much dispute about it. Then there is Roswell, New Mexico event over 400 witnesses and the government story that nothing happened there. Well something happened there...The globalists or New World Order types want to dissolve the USA." (Jim Marrs)

John Wilkes Booth died April 26, 1865. He was surrounded the by Union military, shot, and later died from his wounds. [xvii] Multiple witnesses were present and corroborate the death of Booth, including the military officer in charge. [xviii] Unsurprisingly based on his past claims and review of the evidence, Marrs remains incorrect. There is not much dispute of Booth's death in 1865 after reviewing the evidence.

Area 51 has long been the testing ground for experimental American military aircraft. While as Marrs suggests, "Well something happened there", it likely was not the mythical alien conspiracy. Explanations that are far more probable attribute these strange and unexplained events to decades of covert military operations. [xix] [xx] [xxi] [xxii]

The "globalists" Marrs refers to are once again a grand conspiracy theory with little evidence. While some international groups do seek to manipulate global events, world domination is not the agenda but financial profit. Manipulation of financial practices and law is a true threat; [xxiii] [xxiv] world domination is better left to film villains. 

Untenable theory regarding these matters creates improbable viewpoints and misinformation. Some critics are blind to reasonable criticism regarding official evidence. Some advocates intentionally blind themselves to contending official facts. Neither method is reasonable inquiry.


C. A. A. Savastano

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Last edited by Carmine Savastano on Tue 04 Nov 2014, 7:14 am; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : link change)


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