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Nov 14 1963: Bernard Weissman Meets With Jack Ruby And JD Tippit At The Carousel Club

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Nov 14 1963: Bernard Weissman Meets With Jack Ruby And JD Tippit At The Carousel Club

Post by Guest on Fri 18 Jul 2014, 3:55 pm

The event in question is covered by FBI Document 180-10020-10469 from NARA, and is addressed on p. 590/1 of the Warren Commission Report.

To wit:

Bureau has received a letter from a Mr. Lawrence Schiller, Alskog, Inc., Los Angeles, dated March Fifteen last ...

Schiller has advised he is in possession of the name and location of Mark Lane's informant who allegedly furnished Lane information. He was supposedly present and overheard an alleged meeting between Jack Ruby, Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit, and Bernard Weissman, On Nov. Fourteen, Sixtythree...

Schiller interviewed by Los Angeles, March Twentytwo last, and indicated that Mark Lane's confidential informant is Paul Bridewell aka Phil Burns, and that Bridewell currently located somewhere in Oregon, possibly Portland or Rainier. Exact location of Bridewell is probably known to one John Sutton, who formerly was in radio business in Dallas...

According to Schiller, Mark Lane learned of identity of Bridewell and info in possession of Bridewell from Theodore (Thayer) Waldo, formerly associated with Fort Worth, Texas, newspaper, "Sun Telegraph"...

Waldo indicates that about a week after assassination Sutton asked to meet him at the Dallas Press Club and at that time Sutton indicated he knew a man who witnessed a meeting in the Carousel Club between Ruby, Officer J.D. Tippit, and a Bernard Weissman, but who was reluctant to come forward with this information [over one line redacted]

Waldo indicateds that on or about Dec. Seven, Sixtythree, he met Sutton at the Dallas Press Club and was introduced to Phil Burns, White male, age late thirties, five feet eight, one forty five lbs., chestnut hair, wore glasses and employed by some advertising firm on account of one of Sutton's sponsors. After many assurances that identity would be protected, Burns related that he was acquainted with Ruby [about one line redacted] also that he knew officer Tippit since he had seen him in uniform at the club which apparently was on his beat. Burns indicated he passed a table and Ruby greeted him saying, "You know J.D. here", and Ruby then introduced the other individual as Bernard Weissman from the East. Burns described Weissman as white male, thirtyfive years, black hair, over six feet tall. Burns allegedly returned to his table and Ruby sent him a complimentary drink.

Who the heck is Bernard Weissman?

Well, he's the guy who put the full page black-bordered anti-Kennedy ad in the paper.

But there's a whole lot more to that story. Here's some of it:

Bernard Weissman was born on 1st November, 1937. After graduating from Edison Technical High School in Mount Vernon in June, 1956, he went to work for the Nuclear Development Corporation as an experimental machinist. He the moved to New Jersey where he was employed as a sales manager.

In August, 1961, Weissman joined the US Army and served in Germany where he met Larrie Schmidt. The two men shared an interest in right-wing politics and were both supporters of the John Birch Society. While in Germany the two men discussed the possibility of establishing a right-wing political group when they returned to the United States.

Weissman was discharged in August 1963 but was unable to find work. Short of money, Weissman contacted Larrie Schmidt who at that time was living in Dallas. Schmidt told Weissman about his involvement in the attack on the liberal politician, Adlai Stevenson. According to Schmidt, this had been organized by General Edwin Walker. Schmidt added that his brother was working as General Walker's chauffeur and general aide.

Schmidt invited Weissman to Dallas. Weissman later told the Warren Commission that Schmidt argued: "If we are going to take advantage of the situation, or if you are," meaning me, "you better hurry down here and take advantage of the publicity, and at least become known among these various right-wingers, because this is the chance we have been looking for to infiltrate some of these organizations and become known," in other words, go along with the philosophy we had developed in Munich."

Weissman arrived in Dallas on 4th November, 1963. Soon afterwards Weissman joined an organization called the Young Americans for Freedom. Schmidt also invited Weissman to join the John Birch Society but according to his testimony before the Warren Commission he changed his mind when he discovered too many of them were anti-Semitic (Weissman was Jewish). While in Dallas he found work as a carpet salesman.

Larrie Schmidt introduced Weissman to Joseph P. Grinnan of the John Birch Society. Grinnan was involved in organizing protests against the visit of John F Kennedy. Grinnan seemed to know about the visit before it was officially announced to the public. Grinnan suggested that they should place a black-bordered advert in the Dallas Morning News on 22nd November, 1963. The advert cost $1,465. Grinnan supplied the money. He claimed that some of this came from Harvey Bright, Edgar R. Crissey and Nelson Bunker Hunt the son of Haroldson L Hunt. Weissman was given the task of signing the advert and taking it to the newspaper office.

The advert attacked Kennedy's foreign policy as being anti-American and communistic. This included the claim that Gus Hall, "head of the U.S. Communist Party praised almost every one of your policies and announced that the party will endorse and support your re-election in 1964". It also attacked Kennedy's domestic policies. Another passage asked why Robert Kennedy had been allowed "to go soft on Communists, fellow-travelers, and ultra-leftists in America."

Weissman was shocked by the assassination of President John F Kennedy and told Larrie Schmidt he feared he would be accused of being involved in the killing. Weissman suspected that Kennedy had been killed by supporters of General Edwin Walker and that as a result he would be implicated in the plot. However, he told the Warren Commission he felt relieved when he discovered that Lee Harvey Oswald had been arrested for the murder. The Warren Commission did not ask how he knew that Oswald was not a right-winger. Despite this news, Weissman and Schmidt decided to leave Dallas 

Mark Lane testified before that Warren Commission that Thayer Waldo, a journalist on the staff of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, had told him that Weissman was involved in a two-hour meeting with Jack Ruby and JD Tippit at the Carousel Club on 14th November, 1963. According to Joachim Joesten (How Kennedy Was Killed), "a rich oil man" was also at this meeting. Weissman denied he had ever been to the Carousel Club and had never met Ruby or Tippit.

George Senator told reporters that Jack Ruby had tried to contact Weissman after the assassination. According to Seth Kantor (Who Was Jack Ruby): "He (Ruby) couldn't get to Bernard Weissman. There was no such person in the Dallas phone book."

Weissman went to his father's place in NY after the shooting. He told his landlord he (as a carpet salesman) had been "called home". Maybe it was an innocent lie, maybe it wasn't. Mt Vernon is full of rich people, most of 'em have plenty of money and it's old money and they're mostly politically conservative. Weissman, though, was a conservative "activist" - a little more rabid than most of the folks up there.


The Warren Commission never followed up on this, and it seems, neither did the FBI. Why not?


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Re: Nov 14 1963: Bernard Weissman Meets With Jack Ruby And JD Tippit At The Carousel Club

Post by Guest on Fri 18 Jul 2014, 4:07 pm

Oh wait wait wait - here: [url= Files/Warren Commission-Subject/Weissman/Weissman, Bernard.pdf],%20Bernard.pdf[/url]

Okay, lemme see, how do I "paste as plain text"? Let's try this:,%20Bernard.pdf


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