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Question about the hit men

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Re: Question about the hit men

Post by M.Ellis on Fri 05 Sep 2014, 11:01 am

beowulf wrote:...but wasn't there a report by two Customs Agents who followed Oswald to 544 Camp Street and saw him with Bannister?

I don't recall reading that anywhere. That would be a big deal. I'll search for it.

Banister's secretary, Delphine Roberts claimed LHO and Banister had a working relationship.

But even if one ignores eyewitness testimony - which I try to do when it comes to 544 Camp Street - there are clear, logical inferences we can draw.

1. Oswald stamped that address on those leaflets. Everybody agrees about that.
2. Neither LHO nor the FPCC ever rented space in that building. Everybody agrees about that too.
3. An anti-Castro /anti-communist group had rented space in that building. Everybody agrees.
(And the 531 Lafayette excuse LN'ers raise for Banister is a dodge. It's bogus. It was the same damned 3 storey building.)
4. Guy Banister was in that building - on the Lafayette Street side. Everybody agrees.
5. People responding to the FPCC leaflets would have to write to or pay a visit to that address.
6. Would anyone be there to meet them, to answer the FPCC mail?
7. If the answer to question 6 is 'yes'. Who is that person? If it's 'no', the only conclusion anyone - even LN'ers - can draw, is LHO was not serious about his work for FPCC. He was a fake pro-Castro activist.

If he was a fake pro-Castro activist, what else was he faking?

544 Camp attracts my attention because it is a problem that can be solved with logic alone.
Witness testimony could be helpful. But it's not really necessary when it comes to 544 Camp Street.

This week, I came upon something that to me is just astonishing.

"At 11.00 a.m. on Friday, 27th September, 1963, a young American entered the Cuban consul's office. He told Silvia Duran that his name was Lee Harvey Oswald and that he needed a Cuban transit visa. Oswald told Duran that he planned to leave in three days' time and stay in Cuba for a couple of weeks. He then intended to move onto the Soviet Union. To establish his identity Oswald showed Duran her his passport, correspondence with the American Communist Party, his membership card for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, a newspaper clipping about his activities in New Orleans and a photograph of Oswald in custody, accompanied by two police officers."

So was the New Orleans arrest really a publicity stunt? Were the radio appearances, the public speaking, simply part of a fake communist CV LHO was constructing for himself? My jaw dropped when I read LHO took his New Orleans arrest sheet and photos to show to the Cuban consulate.

That raises a few questions.

Sorry if this was OT to the shooters. I don't think LHO was a shooter. I don't know who the shooters were. I don't know who hired them. But like everyone else, I have my own tentative opinions.

That problem is murkier than 544 Camp Street. All I need now is a floor plan and a list of tenants. I am visiting NOLA this year. I hope I have time to research that in the public records.


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Re: Question about the hit men

Post by gerrrycam on Fri 05 Sep 2014, 11:58 am

NO is all part of manuscript starting with drama of assassination attempt of Gen Walker, if we follow the handlers like Jim Garrason did we solve the case.


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Re: Question about the hit men

Post by Guest on Fri 05 Sep 2014, 11:39 pm

Paul McGurkenfarklein wrote:
greg parker wrote:
I am just pissed off that they took us for fucking idiots and continue to do so 51 years later.
You can take the boy out of Oz, but ya can't take the Ozziness out of the boy...

Don't know about you, Paul... but I'm not mellowing at all - if anything, getting more pissed off and cantankerous.

Oswald was "convicted" with a dodgy circumstantial case. There is a much more honest and solid circumstantial case to be made pointing to others.
I am still pretty bad, Greg. The 50th anniversary was hard to take.
I use to deal with it by going on Duncan's forum to fight lone nutters. But I am getting too old for that shit now.

P.S Sorry to MovingMan for getting off topic.

Don't worry about it. Sometimes it's interesting to just let a thread go with the flow. I can identify with your experience . Sometimes I get worn down too. The best thing to do is rest up and then get back in the fight. As long as the other side doesn't give up we can't give up too.


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Re: Question about the hit men

Post by Sponsored content

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