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Hidden History by Don Jeffries

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Hidden History by Don Jeffries

Post by greg parker on Sat 24 Sep 2016, 10:30 pm

There isn't a canard about this case that Donald doesn't seem to have bought into. 

From the Federal Reserve BS to the Bohemian Grove BS, it's all there.

But let's look at a lesser known one. Jeffries reports that the Dallas Morning News discovered in the 1970s that Minox cameras were not available to the public 1963. The say-so of the DMN is good enough... in fact, anyone saying anything that points to government conspiracy is all Don needs to publish it as fact.

Otherwise he could attempt to verify such claims before publishing them.

He is a 1963 US ad for the Minox.


This is a 1963 ad for a Minox Camera! The size of the ad is approximately 3x5inches. The caption for this ad is 'You never look like a tourist when you use the precision 3 1/4 oz. Minox Camera' The ad is in great condition. This vintage ad would look great framed and displayed! Add it to your collection today!

But I can also report that Mr. Jeffries is a fine writer.  However, he should stick to fiction where it is appropriate to make up your own facts.

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Re: Hidden History by Don Jeffries

Post by Hasan Yusuf on Sat 24 Sep 2016, 11:39 pm

IMO, Don Jeffries is an absolute disgrace to the so-called research community.
Hasan Yusuf

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