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    Frankenstein Frankenstien

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    Frankenstein Frankenstien

    Post by Ed. Ledoux on Sun 11 Dec 2016, 7:50 pm

    Frank C. Jones owned the company that tidied up the TSBD.

    Recently his name came up when I came across:
    The Lone Gunman Podcast - Shows
    Shows · The Dallas Action · TPAAK · Book Store · Apparel · Ep.133 ~ Acme Building Maintenance w/ Tim Yaccarino. 12/2/2016.

    Tim whom posts about this subject and running into the less than helpful Gary S Mack.

    The gist is a take over occurred of ACME by a guy named Travis.
    Travis is in bankruptcy on his home at this time, and Travis is a director of the Republic Bank at the time also.
    Soon the house is paid off, Travis has taken over Acme, and many more corporations are created in more markets. The old ACME BUILDING MAINTENANCE COMPANY becoming an INC. in 1964.
    The timing and circumstances of the corporations/company becoming involved in May of '63 when the TSBD likely was occupying the 411 address for the first time.
    Timing of Frank's exit and Travis takeover are highly circumstantial that the cleaners had keys to the building but were not questioned by FBI.
    When Tim ran into Gary at the SFM, Gary only provided the two interviews Tim was well aware of, those of Truly and Piper.

    Those mentions of Acme are as Tim said about all there is on the interwebs.
    In fact Tim's site will appear if you search for anything related to the janitorial firm which had two employees inside the TSBD the night before the assassination.
    As Tim pointed out employee records would go to Travis in '64.
    Now I recall this was looked at before, Lancer, much was speculated but some clues were found.

    I found a few I had seen or researched long ago.

    The ad Frank ran.
    (Newspapers were well aware whom cleaned up the big D and TSBD etc etc )

    His address and phone he had in 1963 Dallas. 1901 Laws  St. and Riverside 2-7660

    Tele Exchanges explained.,68118,page=3

    Intriguing there is so little on what turns out to be a very important man in Dallas.
    So important the question Tim asks about the Dallas Citizens Council and its member, Frank C. Jones. So did he get an invite to the Trade Mart Luncheon?
    Tim says he did get to view a partial list of invitee's but not as to sighting Frank's name there on the 'partial' list.
    We know the list was edited or names added when Sam Bloom and Yarborough
    took flack from local Democrats for the anti-democratic invites.
    Seems like it almost freed up every Democrat to be in or see the parade!
    Ed. Ledoux

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    Re: Frankenstein Frankenstien

    Post by Ed. Ledoux on Sun 11 Dec 2016, 8:00 pm

    Seems that Tim did some time hunting the Dallas newspaper archives and library for articles on the company. He found a couple that showed how large a business it was with 200+ employees by the time it was cleaning the TSBD.

    Has Milt Thomas, Buck Butler, Paul Clark and Sylvan Moritz as its Officers.

    And this showing another company exec Paul Clark giving orders
    Quite a list of businesses! Each of the 200+ employees had to pass a lie detector test... really! That would be right up a certain persons alley.
    Ed. Ledoux

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    Re: Frankenstein Frankenstien

    Post by greg parker on Sun 11 Dec 2016, 8:05 pm

    Seems like it almost freed up every Democrat to be in or see the parade!

    Mixing Pop and Politics he asks me what the use is
    I offer him embarrassment and my usual excuses
    While looking down the corridor
    Out to where the van is waiting
    I'm looking for the Great Leap Forward

                Billy Bragg
     Australians don't mind criminals: It's successful bullshit artists we despise. 
                 Lachie Hulme            
    The Cold War ran on bullshit.

    “God favors drunks, small children, and the cataclysmically stoned...” Steve King
    "The worst thing about some men is that when they are not drunk they are sober." Billy Yeats
    "You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." Dino Martin
    greg parker

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    Location : Orange, NSW, Australia

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    Re: Frankenstein Frankenstien

    Post by Ed. Ledoux on Sun 11 Dec 2016, 8:26 pm

    So who was Frank?

    Tim says Frank started the company in the 20's rebounded in the 40's and hit it big in the 50's and 60's with large buildings springing up.
    Frank passing in 1991.

    The Dallas death would be difficult to find.
    He was born in 1898

    The Social Security death rolls show two possibly candidates.

    Add information    Add photo
        457-54-5621    September 1, 1898    January 17, 1991    92 years    TX    75214 (Dallas, Dallas County)
    SSN starting with 457-54: was issued in Texas, 1952

    Add information    Add photo
        449-48-9987    October 8, 1891    June 11, 1991    99 years    TX    75604 (Clarksville City, Gregg County)

    SSN starting with    
    was issued in     449-48: Texas, 1936-1950

    NOTE: Where and when card was issued, is not where and when person was born!

    So I believe our Frank was born in 1898 yet never had a Soc Sec # till he was forced to in '50's for business.

    Likely to get a security clearance for a contract for one of the banks, or other sensitive areas his company cleaned.
    Ed. Ledoux

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    Re: Frankenstein Frankenstien

    Post by Ed. Ledoux on Sun 11 Dec 2016, 8:54 pm

    Tim did some searching of the corporations too to track its ownership.

    I see its change in Dallas '64. when I looked.

    330 S R L Thornton Fwy, Dallas, TX 75203
    Registration:Jun 29, 1964
    State ID:0020450300
    Business type:Domestic For-Profit Corporation
    Agent:C T Corporation System
    Republic Nat'l Bk Bldg, Dallas, TX 75201 (Physical)

    When I tracked C T Corporation System I found it to be a holding company. and Agent and an SEC liaison.
    It exists to represent other corporations.

    This means it was supposed to go IPO.
    Raised capital and or some other corp. maneuvers.
    Or went into receivership and needed corp managers.
    These sharks eventually divided up the old company selling assets and remaking the old Acme into a mass of subs each an "OF"
    An Acme Building Maintenance Of Dallas,
    Of place name here....
    This would be the new face in '64 for many regions of the state and country.

    The new owners would do well,

    3500 K Ln, Austin, TX 78754-4922
    Single-Family Home
    Lot: 0.55 acres
    Built in 1964
    Who has lived here
    Acme Building Maintenance Inc        Domestic For-Profit Corporation
    Edwin G Hudson    512-926-7369   
    Elizabeth Hudson
    Patrick Hudson       

    Tim while searching the Texas corporations found the questions he asked them fell on deaf ears.

    I found little on Frank. Some I will share later.
    But I did locate the Austin Tx owners of Acme.

    Edwin's Obit

    In Memory of
    Edwin Glynn Hudson
    November 21, 1927 - October 21, 2015

    Edwin Glynn Hudson, age 87, passed away October 21, 2015 in Austin, Texas following a long illness. He was born November 21, 1927 in Houston and attended Ball High School in Galveston.

    Being part of the Greatest Generation, he left school early to join the war effort, proudly serving his country during WWII as a sailor in the United States Merchant Marines. Once the war ended, he returned home where he worked as a Boilermaker.

    A self-made man with little formal education, he was an avid reader with an eagerness to learn, pouring over numerous newspapers and magazines daily. He was especially knowledgeable about history, politics and geography. He was an outstanding businessman as well. His intelligence and determination helped him build a life as a successful entrepreneur in Austin starting in the 1950s, founding Acme Building Maintenance and investing in real estate.
    His true passion, however, was fishing and he enjoyed both bass and salt-water bay fishing as often as possible. In 1967, he even set a State record for catching the biggest Large-Mouth Bass. His ability to navigate his fishing boat through dense fog using only a map and compass was indicative of the way he found success throughout his life. He spent many Sunday afternoons watching his favorite football team, the Dallas Cowboys.

    A 54-year Master Mason of Masonic Lodge No. 12, he practiced the ethics and brotherhood he believed in. In 1961, he was initiated as an Entered Apprentice, passed to the Degree of Fellow Craft and raised to the sublime Degree of Master Mason. In his later years, he also attended Riverbend Baptist Church with his companion and dear friend, Cora Quinn.

    His membership affiliations include: Masonic Lodge No. 12, International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers, Austin Chamber of Commerce, Austin Bass Club and Austin Woods and Waters Club.

    He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth Hudson; sons, David and Patrick Hudson; grandchildren: Chris, Steven, Shannon and Tyler Hudson. He was preceded in death by son, Dale Hudson, his biological mother, Ruby Hudson, John and Tura Ebert, who raised him; and his brother, John Ebert.
    A Funeral Service will be held at 1:00 p.m., Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at Cook-Walden Capital Parks Memorial Chapel. Interment will follow in Cook-Walden Memorial Hill Cemetery.

    Well quite the story of Edwin. and his Austin Texas 1950's Acme Building Maintenance.
    Ed. Ledoux

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    Re: Frankenstein Frankenstien

    Post by Ed. Ledoux on Sun 11 Dec 2016, 10:28 pm

    So I did a check of the interweb and traced the change of the El Paso location of Acme Building Maintenance Company.

    It was
    "ACME BUILDING MAINT CO. 5959 Gateway W. Suite-313  772-6659"

    Which changed to "ABM" sometime after 1973
    5959 Gateway West Blvd
    Suite 355
    El Paso, TX 79925

    I did run across many El Paso Jones but I did locate the Gilmer Texas clan.

    Edward JONES was born in 1857 in Newcastle on Tyne.
    By the time he was a teenager, he left England and came to the USA.
    For a short period of time, he lived in Pennsylvania before moving south to the East Texas area of Gilmer, Upshur Co. There he married Martha (Mattie) Ann Elizabeth HILL in 1882.
    He was licensed to preach in 1885. Some of their children included:
    Hattie Mae JONES, b abt 1884
    Frank Carsons JONES, b 1892
    Wilson Crowley JONES, b 1896
    "Babe" JONES, (a son), b ??
    "Key" JONES, (a son), b ??

    So we have "Franks" in Dallas area in the same time-frame.
    And Frank C Jones can also be F C JONES or even more abbreviated as I'll show.
    Futrell C Jones, - S/Sgt. Futrell C. Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Jones, Gilmer, attended Baylor University. Entered Army Air Corps, 1942, trained at Sheppard Field. Served in India and CBI Theater. Awarded ATO, APO, 1 Bronze Star, Unit Citation, GC and Victory Ribbon. Discharged in 1945.
    JONES, JACK D - S 1/c Jack D. Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Jones, Gilmer, graduate of Gilmer High. Entered Navy, 1943, trained in San Diego. Discharged in 1944.

    Futrell Jones, 1921 - 1979
    Futrell Jones was born on month day 1921, to Frank Carsons Jones.
    Frank was born on October 8 1891. (and Margaret V Jones (Nee: Futrell,Frank was born in 1893, in Texas.)
    Margaret was born in January 1898, in Upshur, Texas.)
    Futrell had 2 siblings.
    Futrell married first name Jones (born Wilson).
    They had 2 children.
    Futrell passed away in month 1979, at age 58.

    Rites Held Friday For Frank Futrell Funeral services for Frank. Lee Futrel), 08,. lifetime resident of Gilmer, were held at 2 pm. Friday at Croley Funeral chapel. Mr. Futrell died at 4:10 p.m. Thursdny at his home, 303 Waren Ave., after a lengthy illness. Born in Gilmer Aug. 27, 1889, he was the son of the late frank D. and Anna Boyd Futrell, pioneer, residents of Gilmer He had been a member of the Mrsl Baptist Church since boyhood and he attended Baylor University at Waco. In 1915 he married the former Miss Lona Cotton and she survives him. '• Before he became iil a number of yearrs ago, he was executor and business manager of he Futrell estate. . ! He was a Scottish Rite Mason and a member of Hella Temple Shrine, . Mr. Futrell was a charter member of the Gilmer Rotary Club and he had served as a member of the Gilmer school Board. Surviving besides lis wife are a son; Frank L. Furell Jr.; two' daughters, Mrs. David Yarbrough of Dallas and Mrs. Harrod McClelland of Shreveport, La.; a brother, Bob Futrell and a sister, Mrs. Frank Jones, both of Gilmer; and six grandchildren', Susan and Julie Yarbrough, Michael and Martha McClelland and Covin and Loring .Futrell. Dr. R. A. Clifton officiated at he funeral services. Burial was at City Cemetery Pallbearers were Royce Hogg, R. 'B. Cook, .Bill Buie, Thomas look, Jack Jones, Futrell Jones, Royce Hudgins and Mitchell Marshall. . Honorary pallbearers were Leslie Florence, . Carroll Florence; H. P. McGaughy, C. T. Crosby, Dr. E. C: McAlpin, John Broigolli, • Hamilton Daniels, J R. Penn, Leslie Blount, Allen McClelland, T. E.-Graves, Jack Hogg, Jim Barrett, Dr. J. L, Fcnlaw and Malcolm Smith. Attending .the funeral from out-of-town were Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Barrett of El Dorado, Ark.; Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Cotton of Huntsville, Mr. and Mrs. Don llugus of Tyler, Mr. and Mrs. Briggs Todd and children of Abilene, J. W. Recder of Hughes Springs, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Adams of Shreveport, Jack T. Williams of Longview, Doyle Flatl, Ellis Thorpe, John Drake, Fletcher Wilson, all of Longview; Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Leo Norton of Dallas, Mike W.
    Guy Owen Jr. of Shreveport, Fred Covin of Pittsburg and Louie Covin of New Diana.

    Covin name as well as the Futrell would be  a simple matter to trace, and Covin does pop up. The Gilmer Frank C Jones is duly noted.

    Here we have around the 1890's another Frank C Jones?

    Texas Rangers Captain Frank C Jones 1893,

    As you can probably tell anyone whom was related to this guy would be like a friggin hero surviving the Alamo, legendary type stuff for Texans.
    So this Frank C Jones is a famous Houston Texas Captain in the Texas Rangers.

    I have found the Houston Jones' to be well to do after this time.
    with a Frank C Jones becoming a law partner in a Houston firm.

    Houston Law Firm 1896 of Edgar Watkins, Frank C. Jones and Allen (Allen, Watkins & Jones)

    Must have been Jr in the Rangers???
    Was jr head of an El Paso Bank???? Not likely.

    What I find is the guy from Houston was a Senior,
    and was so buy at least 1928 See below,

    On the 15th day of August, 1908, Brother Frank C. Jones, of Houston, Texas, acting as representative of the Grand Master,
    set Humble Lodge, U. D., to work. We worked under that dispensation until the next convocation of the Grand Lodge, when we surrendered it. I carried all of our records up to the Grand Lodge for examination, those records were submitted to the committee on lodges U.D., that committee made a very favorable report, showing the records of our lodge to be regular and in good shape, well bound minute book, ledger and a small cash account to the credit of the lodge in the bank, and recommended that a Charter be granted to Humble Lodge No. 979, that report was adopted by the Grand
    Body and the Charter granted December, 2nd. 1908, naming the three principal officers the same as previously named in dispensation, and on the 25th day of March, 1909, was regularly set to work again by brother F. C. Jones, D.D.G.M.
     1928 Frank C. Jones, Sr., 33° ✠

    Here is a look at both the Acme of Dallas Jones and the Houston Frank C. Jones'

    The Houston Jones, A) Sr and B) Jr
    are tough to tie into our C) Dallas Acme Jones other than the same name.
    Masons are perhaps easiest.

    Yet the the Frank C Jones of El Paso Bank and Trust Co. is interesting seems he was to be the launderer of Pancho Villas bullion.
    Ed. Ledoux

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    Re: Frankenstein Frankenstien

    Post by Ed. Ledoux on Sun 11 Dec 2016, 10:32 pm

    Of great interest was Gus Jones.
    Special Agent, Gus (Buster) T. Jones (1916-1944)

    "According to a colleague of mine, and a review of Jone's personnel file, GustaveT. "Gus" Jones was born in July,1882. At the age of fifteen he was a private in the 3rd Texas Volunteers, an Army unit preparing for action in the Spanish-American War in the spring of 1898. The war ended too soon for them to see combat. Between 1905 and 1908, he served as Assistant Chief of Police, San Angelo, Texas, and Deputy Sheriff in Tom Green County. In April 1908, he joined the Texas Rangers and served until July 1910.Later in 1910 he was a U.S. Customs Inspector on special detail as a Deputy U.S. Marshal to enforce U.S. neutrality laws on the border. The following year he became an Immigration Inspector and went undercover in Mexico with alien smugglers to break up their ring.
    Jones' father helped to organize the Texas Frontier Forces, a forerunner of the Texas Rangers. 
    Jones established an unusual record in the FBI which he entered in 1916 and was made SAC in July, 1917, retiring as an SAC in 1944.  All of his service was in two offices; El Paso and San Antonio where he served as SAC the longest. 
    During the first World War, Jones helped snare Lothar Witcke, a German agent who blew up an island near New York where millions of dollars in munitions were stored.  Witcke fled to Mexico, but was arrested when he recrossed the border into Nogales, Arizona. 
    During the Gangster Era of the 30's, Jones played major roles in many of the investigtions of the time to include the Urschel Kidnapping and the arrests of numerous suspects in that case.
    When Alcatraz Prison opened in 1934, it was Jones who personally became involved as a liason with the warden there and at other prisons and Jones personally escorted many convicts to Alcatraz including Al Capone, "Machine Gun" Kelly, and members of the Urschel kidnapping gang.
    In 1939, Jones oranized counter-espionage work in Mexico.  He helped Mexican officials trap Gerhard Wilheim Kunze, onetime head of the German-American bund in the U. S. 
    Two weeks before he died, a book dealing with Jones' colorful career was published by Signet.  The paperback, entitled "A Man Named Jones," was authored by George Ellis, a veteran news and TV writer. 
    Gus Jones died in San Antonio, Texas in September, 1963 and was buried there.  He was survived by his wife, Mary and there's no existing evidence of any children.  In 1967, Mrs. Mary Jones presented various momentos, including two weapons of Jones', to the Texas Ranger Museum Association at Falfurias, Texas.
    With regard to SAC Gus Jones, we recommend to readers to search the Internet for more references to his"
    Ed. Ledoux

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    Re: Frankenstein Frankenstien

    Post by Ed. Ledoux on Sun 11 Dec 2016, 10:48 pm

    Ed. Ledoux

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    Re: Frankenstein Frankenstien

    Post by Ed. Ledoux on Sun 11 Dec 2016, 11:06 pm

    Great history and some context.

    But closer to the 1963 events in Dallas, I find the Company was doing some expansive bidding.

    August 21, 1962
    The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 5
    Bids Received On Maintenance At Fairgrounds Three bids for maintenance work at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center were submitted yesterday, but they will not be opened until the next Fair Board meeting, October 18. The bids came from Merrill Engineering Corporation, Jacksonville, Fla., Adam K. Grafe Associates, Inc., Lexington, and Acme Building Maintenance Company, Dallas. Under a total-maintenance contract, the fair board would, contract with a private company to take care of all housekeeping and maintenance chores at the center. Such work has been done pretty much on a hit-and-miss basis at the 6-year-old Fairgrounds.

    Do we know if the Fair Grounds in Dallas had cleaners? Wink Wink

    I found a few employees,

    Services for Helen Elaine Phares, 87, will be held at 2:00 PM Monday, February 18, 2008 graveside at Akers Cemetery in Sherman. She passed away on Saturday February 16, 2008 at the Granbury Care Center in Granbury, TX.
    Helen was born in Trinidad, Colorado on January 31, 1921 the daughter of Ed and Pauline (McMillan) Spencer. She married J.C. Phares Sr. on December 24, 1938.
    J.C. and Helen started living in Sherman and Denison and later moved to Dallas and worked for Acme Building Maintenance. After J.C. retired they moved to Lake Texoma.
    During this time she worked for Texoma Medical Center in Medical Records. When she retired she moved to Irving to be by her family.
    Ed. Ledoux

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    Re: Frankenstein Frankenstien

    Post by Ed. Ledoux on Sun 11 Dec 2016, 11:18 pm

    And some post '64 adverts for employment,

    Newspaper Ads:

    2 WINDOW Cleaners Wanted—Experienced scaffold men Guaranteed salary. Call or write Joe Parish. Acme Building Maintenance. 1901 Laws St., Dallas. Texas. phone Riverside 2-7778
    June 1, 1966
    The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · Page 15

    PORTERS & MAIDS Needed by Janitorial Service Night Work Grand Prairie 4 Great Southwest Area Call. RI2-7778 for
    April 28, 1967
    Grand Prairie Daily News from Grand Prairie, Texas · Page 8

    PORTERS & MAIDS Needed by Janitorial Service Night Work Grand Prairie & Great Southwest Area Call, RI2-7778 for interview
    April 30, 1967
    Grand Prairie Daily News from Grand Prairie, Texas · Page 11
    Ed. Ledoux

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    Re: Frankenstein Frankenstien

    Post by Ed. Ledoux on Sun 11 Dec 2016, 11:22 pm

    Here I see the names collide,

    Guess whom shows up on the same page in the same place as Board of Directors?
    . Dallas E. B. Germany ...Dallas Frank C. Jones.
    The Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Crippled Children.
    December 15, 1946
    Valley Morning Star from Harlingen, Texas · Page 22

    That is the Bledsoe's E B Germany and our Frank C. Jones on the same board of directors...

    Cheers, Ed
    Ed. Ledoux

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    Re: Frankenstein Frankenstien

    Post by Sponsored content

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