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BOYNE, Gil Empty BOYNE, Gil

Sun 05 Jun 2011, 11:59 am
Originally a stage hypnotist, Boyne developed his own methods of hypnotherapy and in 1956, started The Hypnotic Training Institute of Los Angeles. This was the same year his protégé William Bryan also opened up shop under the name American Institute of Hypnosis. Brinkmanship?

In other parallels, Both acted as technical advisers on movies involving hypnosis. In Boyne's case, it was for a 1960 B-Grader called "The Hypnotic Eye". The posters for the movie screamed "BEWARE HIS HYPNOTIC POWER that turns human flesh into helpless robots! NEW AUDIENCE-PARTICIPATION THRILL HYPNOMAGIC - It makes YOU part of the show."

Say again?

And while Bryan would go on to write a book about jury selection, Boyne had already been a writer and technical director on the TV drama series, "The Eleventh Hour". The basis of this show was how a psychiatrist evaluated the mental state of criminals for the Department of Corrections.

Boyne was interviewed for the Christian - Turner book, "The Assassination of RFK". At first, playing up the extreme difficulty of hypno-programming anybody, he later suggested an extremist named Anthony Hilder may have been capable of doing it. Hilder had participated in his classes, along with a girlfriend before dropping out and returning in December, 1967 offering a gun and ammunition as payment for further tuition. During this time, Hilder hinted that a coming event would touch off race riots. This is seen by some as suggesting involvement in the RFK assassination. That may well be the case - but it is also probable that this behavior and this type of hyperbole was every day stuff for Hilder - the ultimate Illuminati freak. It could also be that he was picking up on the whole Manson/Death Cults vibe. Whatever the case, after the assassination, he would move quickly to lay the blame at the feet of everyone from Eugene McCarthy supporters to Rosicrucians and Theosophists. The irony is, despite himself, Hilder may have accidentally hit the right target with his scattergun approach. Or at least come close in that AMORC and Theosophists were possibly used by the real perps to ensnare the patsy. The greater concern is Boyne's attempt to initially steer researchers away from any hypno-programming theory.

Related Entries: Bryan, Dr William Joseph; von Koss, Xavier

Associations: Dr William Joseph Bryan; Anthony Hilder; The Hypnotic Training Institute of Los Angeles

Assassinations linked to: RFK

Assessment: Possibly not the fraud that others in this field undoubtedly were/are. Low probability of direct involvement - may have knowledge or suspicions he has not yet revealed.

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