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Caster and the two rifles. - Page 2 Empty Re: Caster and the two rifles.

Fri 26 Mar 2021, 7:48 pm
Going from memory here, but I think it came from an unnamed witness who reported something along the lines of shots coming from the second floor FROM THE TOP - but when it was broadcast over police radio, they mistakenly said "second floor".

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Caster and the two rifles. - Page 2 Empty Re: Caster and the two rifles.

Sat 27 Mar 2021, 5:32 pm
Thanks Greg. I see that now. Victoria Adams' WC testimony refers to that, corresponding to a 12:38 police broadcast.

Adams: "There was a motorcycle that was parked on the corner of Houston and Elm directly in front of the east end of the building, and I paused there to listen to the report on the police radio, and they said that shots had been fired which apparently came either from the second floor or the fourth floor window, and so I panicked, as I was at the only open window on the fourth floor."

(However the transcripts of the 12:38 police broadcast make no mention of fourth floor.)

Based on study of the TSBD floor plan for the second floor, I identify Warren Caster's office window as the fourth window from the right on the second floor, as one looks at the TSBD facing the front of the building. 

This James Murray photo taken at 12:42 pm, a few minutes after the shots, shows that window of Caster's office--which supposedly should be locked and not in use since Caster was in Denton that day--as apparently partly open (it is the far lower left window visible in this photo):

I don't know what to make of it, but this is an argument by a Tim Nicholson from trajectory analysis that a shot from the TSBD must have come from (Nicholson concludes) the fourth window from the right on the third floor, same window position but one floor above Caster's office window. It is an argument locating origin of a shot into the limousine very close to the Caster office window.

Victoria Adams, who watched the JFK limousine from an open window on the fourth floor of TSBD, reported hearing a shot sounding to her like it came from the TSBD from a window below her:

Adams: "It sounded like a firecracker or a cannon at a football game, it seemed as if it came from the right below rather than the left above. Possibly because of the report."

(Or was Adams' memory of the apparent source of the shot influenced subconsciously by her memory of hearing the police radio report of a shot from the second floor?)

Caster himself had an alibi which undoubtedly was truthful--he was in Denton that day. But there was a Mauser, seen and handled by Truly, seen (and offered to him to handle?) by Oswald (who declined to handle it?) at the time who was present, brought into the TSBD by Caster and taken by Caster into his office facing the parade route just two days before the JFK assassination. An unoccupied office would be an excellent place with privacy and undisturbed for a professional assassin to operate. The Warren Caster office opens very near to the stairway on the SE corner which goes down one floor directly to the front doorway exit fo the TSBD, an easy ability for someone to slip out unnoticed in the confusion following the assassination.

There was apparently a secretary in the Southwestern Publishing Company's public-access area next to Caster's private office--this would be the fifth window from the right on the second floor--who would have watched the motorcade through her window. Did she have a key or access to Caster's office next door? Was she ever interviewed and asked if she heard shots (probably yes) and where did they sound to her like they came from? She never was asked by any investigator or researcher to my knowledge.

Every item just mentioned has a reasonable innocent explanation. It is just that that Mauser entering the TSBD only two days before the assassination--the only time, according to Truly, he had ever seen a firearm enter the TSBD apart from police on Nov 22--that just catches the attention. Caster testified he took the Mauser home with him about 4 pm after work that day (Wednesday), and when Ian Griggs interviewed Caster years later Caster said the Mauser was still in the family's possession. Griggs vouched for Caster as seeming aboveboard and decent in Griggs' judgment. Caster's purchase of two rifles, a Mauser for himself for hunting and a .22 for his son for a gift, that day on his lunch hour involved specifics that were verifiable. But if one were writing a detective story, one could have a purchase of a Mauser; a substitution for a different Mauser in the package; entry into the TSBD and showing off the second Mauser explaining the hunting and gift etc. (establishing a normal everyday reason to take a Mauser to an office facing the parade route of a presidential motorcade two days later); take the second Mauser to the second-floor office; leave the office and exit the TSBD at 4 pm that day with only the .22, leaving the second Mauser behind in the office; take the .22 and the originally-purchased Mauser (stored in the car) home that night, and those two rifles, which were the two rifles purchased that day, remain in use by the family thereafter; be gone on Friday with an alibi; a Mauser is there and someone else uses that office. 

But there is nothing solid or tangible to the fictional detective-story scenario just described.
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