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The mystery that shrouds Liaquat Ali Khan's murder Empty The mystery that shrouds Liaquat Ali Khan's murder

Tue 18 Jul 2017, 9:41 am
On October 16, 1951, Pakistan’s first prime minister Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated in Rawalpindi's Company Bagh (also known as East India Company Garden) during a public meeting of the Muslim City League.

There were distinct similarities to the assassinations of Gaitain, JFK and RFK.

  • Pakistani officials quickly declared that the [lone] assassin Said Akbar was an Afghan national.
  • Akbar was receiving a monthly payment from the government of $155.00 US.
  • Akbar shot Ali Khan at close range in front of a large group of witnesses.
  • Akbar, like Roa, was immediately murdered by onlookers and police (dismembered and shot).
  • One of the major investigators was lost, along with much of the evidence, in a plane crash.
  • In 1958, during a defamation trial, the court ordered a government file on the case be produced. The government said the file had been lost.
  • It is claimed that members of Akbar's family were granted US citizenship after the assassination.

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