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    Craig's Mauser 7.65 stamp Empty Craig's Mauser 7.65 stamp

    Wed 16 Aug 2017, 3:13 pm
    People on both sides of this debate have denied Craig could have seen "Mauser 7.65" or anything similar stamped on the rifle identified by Weitzman.

    But some actually did have that stamping.

    Craig's Mauser 7.65 stamp Mauser11
    Apparently the original markings were ground off and replaced with what we see here when the weapon was "sporterized".

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    Craig's Mauser 7.65 stamp Empty Re: Craig's Mauser 7.65 stamp

    Sun 16 Dec 2018, 7:54 am
    Interesting find Greg,

    Craig has me perplexed in many ways involving his recollections in this case.
    His timestamp for the 1.06pm radio call of Tippits death fits in perfectly with Tippit being killed at around 1.00pm which is more than likely to have happened. At least according to the available evidence we have sifted through here.

    Could Craig have mistaken the Mauser stamp on the rifle? Was he misquoted about this? Not sure, but his story is interesting. Be interesting to find out what was going on in his personal life at the time of the assassination. He seemed much maligned at least according to some after the assassination. The three stand-outs for me are the alleged 1.06pm radio call for Tippits murder which he claimed to have overheard, his alleged sighting of the Mauser stamp on the rifle found in at the TSBD and his alleged sighting of someone who resembled Oswald running from the TSBD building and hopping into a car about 15 minutes after the shots rang out. 

    One thing of which I'm certain, the Cop force circa 1963 Dallas Texas was probably a very harsh environment for anyone who didn't quite fit in or conform to the Good Ol' boy MO.....Maybe Craig was guilty of this maybe there were forces at play here, wanting him maligned.....the good cop may have been a little too good for the Texas crew.
    Would've been easy to make Craig look foolish if one had chosen to.

    I'm just a patsy!

    Craig's Mauser 7.65 stamp Byp_211
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