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Campbell & Truly & 15 minutes of infamy Empty Campbell & Truly & 15 minutes of infamy

Fri 30 Mar 2012, 10:25 pm
From FBI memo on Campbell, Nov 24, '63
"He then observed the car bearing President KENNEDY to slow down, a near stop, and a motorcycle policeman rushed up. Immediately following this, he observed the car rush away from the scene. He then immediately rushed into his building without having seen anything unusual from any window of his building. Inside he was told shortly thereafter by the warehouse superintendent, Mr. TRULY, that all the employees of the company had been rounded up and one employee, LEE HARVEY OSWALD, was missing."

From DPD affidavit of Campbell Dec 17, '64
"A uniform officer came up and at the same time a construction worker with a helmet came across the street and said he had seen a rifle in the 6th floor window. I walked back in the building. Mr Truly and the officer had already gone in and up the stairs. I waited until they came back down to see if they found anything. The employees were standing around. When Mr truly came down he said one of the employees was missing, a man named Oswald. I did not know Oswald. I told Mr Truly to tell the officers about him and what he looked like. I went back to my office and an FBI agent came in and introduced himself. I don't remember his name. He asked that I have all the employees vacate the building. This I did, telling them to take the rest of the day off. I remained in my office until about 2:30 or 3:00pm. Then I left. The officers were still searching the building when I left."

From Mark Lane's WC testimony  Mar 4, '64
"In the Dallas Morning News on November 23, 1963, it was stated that 'Campbell says he ran toward a grassy knoll to the west of the building where he thought the sniper had hidden.'"

From Roy Truly's first session before the WC:
Mr. BELIN. About how long after these shots do you think it took you to go all the way up and look around the roof and come all the way down again?

Mr. TRULY. Oh, we might have been gone between 5 and 10 minutes. It is hard to say.

Mr. BELIN. What did you do when you got back to the first floor, or what did you see?

Mr. TRULY. When I got back to the first floor, at first I didn't see anything except officers running around, reporters in the place. There was a regular madhouse.

Mr. BELIN. Had they sealed off the building yet, do you know?

Mr. TRULY. I am sure they had.

Mr. BELIN. Then what?

Mr. TRULY. Then in a few minutes--it could have been moments or minutes at a time like that--I noticed some of my boys were over in the west corner of the shipping department, and there were several officers over there taking their names and addresses, and so forth. There were other officers in other parts of the building taking other employees, like office people's names. I noticed that Lee Oswald was not among these boys. So I picked up the telephone and called Mr. Aiken down at the other warehouse who keeps our application blanks. Back up there. First I mentioned to Mr. Campbell--I asked Bill Shelley if he had seen him, he looked around and said no.

Mr. BELIN. When you asked Bill Shelley if he had seen whom?

Mr. TRULY. Lee Oswald. I said, "Have you seen him around lately," and he said no. So Mr. Campbell is  standing there, and I said, "I have a boy over here missing. I don't know whether to report it or not." because I had another one or two out then. I didn't know whether they were all there or not. He said, "What do you think"? And I got to thinking. He said, "Well, we better do it anyway." It was so quick after that. So I picked the phone up then and called Mr. Aiken, at the warehouse, and got the boy's name and general description and telephone number and address at Irving.

From Roy Truly affidavit Nov 23, '63:
"By that time [after returning from the 7th floor search] there were several people in the building. Some 15 minutes later I was checking our employees, and I did not find Lee. I asked Mr Shelly if he had seen Lee. He said no. I then contacted Cheif Lumpkin and told him Lee was missing. Then both of us went up on the sixth floor where Captain Fritz was and I told Captain Fritz about Lee being missing and where he lived."

No mention of a phone call to Aiken, or discussing the missing employee with Campbell.

Ochus Campbell as quoted in the New York Herald Tribune Nov 23, '63 from statements made to the press the previous day:
"Shortly after the shooting we raced back into the building. We had been outside watching the parade. We saw him (Oswald) in a small storage room on the ground floor. Then we noticed he was gone." Mr Campbell added: "Of course he and the others were on their lunch hour but he did not have permission to leave the building and we haven't seen him since."
That last comment seems to indicate the statement was made before Oswald was arrested - ie still "at large". Of course, the statement about being the lunch hour (actually 3/4 of an hour) was correct. Campbell, it seems, hadn't quite thought this through and was making some of it up as he went along. That, at least, is one explanation for the fundamently and obviously false statement that Oswald had no permission to leave the building - even though IT WAS HIS LUNCH HOUR.

Truly said (on the day Occhus was being quoted in the NYHT) it was "15 minutes" after his return from upstairs that he noticed Oswald missing. This 15 minutes extra to the time it took to "notice" Oswald missing was probably meant to get rid of the troubling "it was his lunch hour, so it's not unreasonable he is out of the building" problem. That 15 minutes put it back into company time and allowed him to be missing "without permission".

But all that was forgotten by the time of the WC.

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