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Lee Harvey Coogan
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Part 2: Notes on Alex Jones & The Kennedy Assassination. Empty Part 2: Notes on Alex Jones & The Kennedy Assassination.

Fri 18 Sep 2009, 3:55 pm
Paul Joseph Watson. Prison Planets Brain[

If you want to read a review of Watson in relation to the Kennedy assassination please go to the above CTKA link. Supplied here.

If you have just come from their to read what Watson tries to pass off as historical research please read and giggle on.

By utilising a variation of the Heigelian dialectic he explains how a false external threat can be created by individuals or groups seekingt to dominate their immediate environment. [Watson pgs 1-13] To prove his hypothesis he then utilises a
number of press releases from news services to prove how this occurs. But, the troubles begin well before we even touch the press releases.

In Chapter 2: The History of Tyrants, Watson attempts to
introduce us to historical examples of the Heigelian dialectic by examining the ruling elite’s expedient persecution of groups through out history. He starts off with a rather famous bunch, the Christians.

The problem is that one needs to have an understanding of
history to do so and Watson has none. I know of no published writer in the 20th or 21st Century who actually believes “Nero fiddled while Rome burnt.” Yet, Mr Watson pgs [16-17] certainly does. Where are the references to this cataclysmic yet symphonic event? Well no, there are none. Maybe this is just as well because by the way he mangles further factual evidence he’d probably have Nero jamming with the Pied Piper of Hamlin. The author has no clue that the tale is allegorical and that the fiddle was invented some 1000 years after the incident. (*.html) Thus, within the first few pages one gets a sense that it is Watson not Nero who has been fiddling with himself. There is something smelling and it’s sure not the smoke,

“However, his act of tyranny brought about divine
retribution. The horrific treatment of the Christians turned them into martyrs, such as Peter and Paul. The people of Rome began to sympathize with their suffering and Nero’s empire self-destructed after his suicide in AD 68.” [Watson Pg 17]

Now I shall ignore Watson’s bizarre “divine retribution” statement for the time being and focus on the troubling “The people of Rome began to sympathise with their struggling and Nero’s empire self destructed after his suicide in AD 68” For one, Nero had no more involvement in creating the empire than Watson has with classical texts. It was the Roman, not Neronian Empire. ( After his death (which was not caused by a Roman public acting out of sympathy for his Christian victims) their was a brief series of civil wars between competing Roman Generals in which no less than 3 individuals became Emperor in quick succession before the 4th Vespasian won out after a year and a half of squabbles.( Vespasian would turn out to be a fairly well liked ruler and the Roman Empire would not reach its zenith till the Emperor Trajan annexed Dacia (modern day Romania) in 106 AD. ( Hardly falling apart are we?

[size=12]Yet Watson without blinking an eye, propels us some 220 years ahead to a time when Rome is seemingly reunited by the antichrist like Emperor Diocletion. He then details the suffering of Christians throughout the Empire under the autocratic rulers reign. But there is a silver lining in it all. When Diocletian eventually resigned Constantine I gradually emerged. To which Watson heralds.

“The thousands of Christians butchered by Diocletian in the purge had not died in vain. Constantine was to change
the world by becoming the first Christian emperor.” [Watson: pg 18]

Diocletian’s evil is only matched by what passes for history in this book, which is strictly amateur hour at the Roadhouse and Watson isn’t making any tips. I guess it’s hard when you think your Jessica Biel but are really the bearded lady, have a mullet, stink of bull shit and just keep on dancing.

“Things like the Oklahoma City Bombing or the Kennedy assassination all fit into the same agenda but they have been so exhaustively documented by other researchers that it would be a waste of my time to simply re-hash old material. This book is merely one of many keys that you will need to unlock the truth and so I suggest you read all the information of the subjects not covered in this book if you haven’t already done so.” [Watson Pg; 7]

Now, the above
statement is an abortion unto itself (unfortunate term to use in light of Watson’s beliefs). I am an agnostic on Oklahoma and have no opinion one way or the other on what happened there. If I were also a neutral on Dallas after reading Walton’s opening pages I can tell you I’d be tempted to follow the official versions of both events. How anyone could call their mistake laden tome “one of the many keys” needed to unlock the truth is astoundingly trite coming from Watson. As you will see he probably should have read the ‘exhaustive documentation’ about the Kennedy case before he wrote anything because he doesn’t ‘rehash’ old material he simply makes a ‘hash’ of it [Watson: pg 23-24].

“Long hidden documents, uncovered in 2001 by former ABC News
investigative reporter James Bamford, code-named OPERATION NORTHWOODS, put a haunting perspective behind the events of September 11.”

Operation Northwood’s as I have discussed provides the fulcrum for all 9/11 theorists. But what the majority of researchers don’t understand is that practically all of the documented evidence they have to go by was uncovered by the ARRB (Assassination Records Review Board) not by James Bamford (who went on to write a rather lame book a short time later). (

“The CIA itself had reports that stated that the majority of the Cuban public looked upon Castro as a hero after he had ousted the excessive and repressive regime of Batista two years previously. Those people were unaware of the future horrors Castro had planned for them but the point is that any uprising against Castro was very unlikely at this time.”

Okay, where are the sources for this? Secondly after two years one should have a fair idea of the ‘horrors Castro had planned for them’. The future horrors included free education, health, near full employment and a life expectancy almost equivalent to that in the United States a fact that even the CIA admitted to. ( Of course in Jones and Watson’s world this is an abhorrent state of affairs. Now look I’m sure there are some bad things that go on in Cuba and reputable organisations like Amnesty International have expressed valid concerns. But the irony is that the US embargo on Cuba is widely condemned by the group and though not implicitly stated the embargo seems to have helped contribute to a ‘fortress Cuba’ mentality. (

The Cubans are not perfect but the United States as far as I am concerned have absolutely no shred of credibility in the negative reportage of day to day life in the country. None whatsoever! In Cuba some of, if not the worst Human Rights violations are being conducted in Guantanamo Bay by the United States. Another massive ding in the credibility of the US is that these guys also funded the likes of terrorist organisations like Alpha 66 and George Bush loving characters like Orlando Bosch. Now Prison Planet have covered this area of concern. But I have noted that due to the ideological differences Prison Planet seem to have with Castro’s regime they have largely ignored the plight of the Cuban 5, who where arrested by the US government after they gave information to US authorities on Anti Castro Cuban terrorist activities (linked to the Bush family) within Cuba and the United States ( These individual’s whom should be considered champions inthe fight against tyranny in any sane persons eyes only seem to have snuck in on the back of an article an critical of Obama by William Blum.([/size]

“After the inevitably bungled Bay of Pigs operation, responsibility for dealing with Cuba was shifted from the CIA to the Pentagon, where the project would be known as OPERATION MONGOOSE. Under the guise of Lemnitzer and Air-Force One star General Edward G. Lansdale, the Pentagon saw its opportunity to further remove itself from civilian authority particularly that of JFK who was seen by many generals as a ‘no win chief’ who did not understand military judgments.

This is a complete misnomer, and once again there is no adequate footnote concerning this information Watson seems to miraculously pull from thin air. For two, Operation Mongoose was run in conjunction with the newly formed SG(A) or Special Group Augmented and was not led by General Lemnitzer but by General Maxwell Taylor who was appointed by the President. Furthermore, civilians such as Robert Kennedy and Robert McNamara often turned up to the meetings. The Central Intelligence Agency (a civilian organisation) where represented by their Director John McCone and by his deputy Richard Helms. Helms, was working closely with General Edward Lansdale the coordinator of the project. Lansdale was purely a creature of the CIA. Thus they retained a large amount of control over the operation in particularly with the rabid William Harvey leading Task Force W which was based in Miami at the JM Wave Station. This is all explained in the Church Committee Report [pgs 139-145] (

“By February 1962 it was clear that an uprising in Cuba was highly unlikely. In addition, it was generally accepted that Castro had no desire to attack America or anything belonging to America. Lansdale had also been told to drop all anti-Castro efforts by Robert Kennedy, and the JCS saw their opportunities slipping away. There was only one option left for Lemnitzer and Lansdale, and that was NORTHWOODS.”

Again Watson provides no footnotes for this piece. Thus, it was at this stage that I wondered where he could have got this malarkey from and I had to laugh when I found out that it seems it was via Bamford, the Operation Northwood’s hero himself whose book was eagerly endorsed by 9/11 and JFK researcher James Fetzer. Fetzer, an extremely likable fellow is also a fixture in the Kennedy assassination community, though I generally like Fetzer’s outlook, I have struggled with some of his work on the assassination and after reading this review I can see why.

In reality it was early on in the Mongoose process that Operation Northwood’s was discussed and bought to the President. Operation Mongoose began 31st of November 1961 (a typo on page 139 of the Church Committee Report may have led to some confusion as it says “In November of 1962 the proposal for a major new covert program to overthrow Castro was developed, as one goes on however it is clear the date is 1961.) Kennedy actually called off the Mongoose operations on October 30th 1962, [Church Committee Report pgs 139-148].
( Now bare in mind this is some 11 months after Watson believes Kennedy supposedly got cold feet about it. So once again, we see Watson playing father time like he did with Nero and Diocletian.

It was thanks to the tireless work of numerous researchers and authors who had devoted their lives to the truth to solving the murder of President Kennedy which inspired Oliver Stone to make JFK, and help prompt the release of 1000’s of once classified documents. Where it not for these researchers the already scant documentation 9/11 researchers have to go on for clues would be even scarcer. The shadow these rather glaring mistakes and obvious religious bias cast over this poor excuse for a book led my self to question not only the judgement of the author, but Alex Jones full stop. Watson’s only piece I thought worthy of further thought was about the British Governments infiltration of the IRA in ‘Chapter 3: British Intelligence: Her Majesties Terrorist Network.’ However, because of the mammoth sized problems with Watson’s logic and method, one cannot back anything he says with any confidence whatsoever. Laughter however, can make up for this shortfall. The most unintentionally hilarious part of Walton’s book was Chapter 11, entitled “Conclusion: Hope and Resolution”. Where Watson the latest graduate from ‘Hay Seed High’ tells us about what it takes to become a good researcher.

“Then of course there is the great network of alternative media websites that pick up on these little noticed news reports and indeed produce reports of their own. Be careful because obviously some are less reliable than others – become proficient in being able to judge reliability of source material. At my website, and Alex Jones I fuse together the mainstream and alternative to produce a comprehensive coverage that you really need to check out daily.” (Watson pg 196)

In light of what I have just pointed out to you does this
not come across as more than a tad delusional?

“When you have educated yourself to a level where you feel
comfortable in talking about the subject at length, it is time to educate others. When trying to wake people up always start with the most important information and then work in more background detail. Always emphasize that this has all come out in the mainstream media and isn’t a ‘conspiracy theory”. (Watson pg; 196)

Does the idea of Professor Watson attempting to educate
anyone terrify you?

“People are mentally lazy.”

Without any sense of irony, Watson’s last comment summed up himself and Alex Jones. 'Watson the wise', tells us to keep an eye on alternative news sources and fresh AP and Reuters news releases for hot leads and developments. But has he even read what has been published on his own website concerning Operation Mockingbird? (One may want to note the disclaimer from Watson and Jones at the bottom of the page, the implication that they may not agree with what appears to be good research is mind boggling)
( If he did, he must have taken the ever truthful George Bush’s word for it that the CIA had ceased its fun and games in media circles, which they don’t seem to have. [size=7 ([/size] Furthermore Reuters whom Watson endorses expressed grave concerns about the CIA’s manipulation of their wire service. (

The implication here is that there is every chance Watson could be being fed the same disinformation he writes about. Another issue Watson overlooks is just because it has been reported by the press does not necessarily mean that the said event occurred in that way. A classic example is Watergate. Nixon was not taken down by two intrepid reporters and a brave editor. Though, it seems Bernstein was out of the loop Bob Woodward and Kathryn Graham have long had extensive links to the CIA. They alongside their arch conservative FBI inside man Mark Felt, ousted Nixon from his post. Indeed Graham once spoke at the CIA headquarters about the media’s role in shielding the truth from the US public. Its clear that Watson has obviously never encountered the great Jim Hougan ( nor, would he know what to do if he did. Watson wrote a rather lavish piece on Woodward seemingly oblivious to Woodward’s connections which then found its way onto you guessed it, Prison Planet.(

“Order Out of Chaos” presents no ground breaking material, nor ground breaking research. Writers like William Blum have trodden this path numerous times. ( as have Jerry Pollicoff ,( Charles Lewis, [url=][/url] John Pilger and a host of others. Now, if you thought I’d had enough of Watson bashing your right, its depressing work really. But I stumbled over this while working on a piece about the Christchurch Star some 2 months ago and the temptation has proven to much bare.

Part 3: Continues.

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