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Lee Harvey Coogan
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Dancing With David IcKe. Empty Dancing With David IcKe.

Sat 19 Sep 2009, 12:05 am
Dancing With David Icke

It Started With A Kris.

was introduced to David Icke by my friend Kris about 3 years ago. We
were talking about covert political shenanigans and she told me to
check him out. Kristen, a deeply intelligent, spiritual and open minded
person may not have known the impact of her words upon me.

discovered that alongside Alex Jones, Icke, an articulate middle aged
fellow is considered amongst the arch conspiracy theorists. He does not
appear unfriendly and like Jones he has certain views you or I may
concur with. However, while Jones goes wildly off beam with his
American, Christian/Militia sympathies. Icke goes down the completely
opposite English, New age/Spiritualist path with the same disastrous

Spirituality and religion meeting politics head on is
the ultimate romance versus reality struggle. It creates bias towards
real research from the get go. So lets cut the rubbish right here and
now! The only thing approaching a spiritual or religious belief one
should have when examining political mischief should be the common one
shared by billions of people around the world. That being the universal
rule that everybody is unique, yet equal, regardless of gender, race,
religion, class or sexuality under the law.

Conspiracy Meets Bad History.

somehow or other David Icke has confused this basic premise. Indeed he
and Alex Jones are both part of a huge problem. That is, their
obsession with the pseudo religious and occult like goings on
surrounding the secret organisations which make up the NWO or (New
World Order) their eternal pariah.

Okay, there maybe some
occult like goings on amongst the US's elite but that's nothing new.
Rich folk have been getting their kicks since ancient times with
varying degrees of secrecy quite often without any religious rites
attached to any particular action.

What, I don't get is what's the big deal here?

you honestly think that the Bible or Koran many of us worship today
have remained unchanged since their inception then the concept that the
scriptures they were based on have been re-written to suit individual
taste and or the purposes of those in power over the course of some
2500 years will probably not sit comfortably with you.

that’s the truth. Many of the words of our greatest prophets have been
written by a number of other people. Indeed, ancient religion has gotta
be the greatest Chinese whisper of all time. So if well documented
religions like Islam and Judeo-Christian belief don't stack up so well
in the purity stakes, what then can we make of the tacky religious
rites the so called 'secret societies' recite?

In my previous
blog concerning Alex Jones I mentioned that a number of occult or pagan
groups were established in the 1800's in the wake of the industrial
revolution and improved archaeological techniques which bought
antiquity back in vogue. This helped flood the market with often bogus
relics and teachings of the ancients which certain groups got hold of
and interpreted in their own ways. This led to the emergence of hokey
fellowships like the Free Masons and the Ancient order of Druids.

today’s pagans are not immune either practitioners of Wicca for
instance are often just as flawed. Icke’s teachings seem to cater for
this type of 'New age' crowd more so than Jones. The best Wicca
practitioners I have met are open to religious thought, and accept that
Wicca belief is a mish mash of Eastern and Western spiritual values. I
have no problem with this outlook whatsoever, or with their ability to
discuss and discern some serious political issues the world faces today.

there are Wicca’s who often boast of their knowledge of ancient Celtic
traditions and religious rites and swear by the authenticity of their
rituals. Considering we have very little documentation of these rites
and what they actually signified to the Celtic speaking peoples they
are deluding themselves.

They exemplify the type of individuals
who have no real historic and or political analysis yet don't run
around carrying guns in camouflage. Hence this is precisely why Icke
has established such a niche.

David Icke 'The Son Of God.'

Icke is an ex professional footballer and media pundit. He was touted
as the next big thing in sports presentation and Green politics until
sometime in the mid 80's when a spiritual entity made itself known to

The entity harassed Icke to the point he sought a
spiritual healer where upon he was told that the spirit was trying to
tell him that he was going to help save the world. Icke eventually
professed to the Green Party that he was the child of God some months
later and they promptly banned him from speaking on behalf of the
party. In my opinion it was an act of foresight unparalleled. Word
eventually got around the UK press about Icke’s odd behaviour and he
found himself booked on the popular 'Wogan' show

reappearance in front of a curious British public was not helped by his
choice of clothing at the time, as he was wearing a turquoise
track/jump suit (he seriously believed this was god's chosen colour)
and looking like something from Buck Rogers. Icke then went on to
predict a string of natural disasters (that did not occur) and declare
himself (wait for it………) the son of god.

Icke became a social
pariah and laughing stock almost overnight. To hear Icke talk of what
he went through one has to feel for the guy. Icke is correct, people
should not be mocked for any ideas or views they have however
different. But what Icke forgets is that believing in ones own divinity
is actually a common symptom amongst the mentally ill. I should know
it’s the field I work in.

But, criticism can also be helpful.
Indeed, it made Icke become more pragmatic. He now deeply regrets a
number of things he said in his early years of crusading and to his
credit he retains a sense of humour about certain aspects of his
career. He believes his child of 'God' line was misquoted (this is in
hindsight however, if one is to see the interview he seemed pretty
convinced of it at the time) and openly takes the Mickey out of himself
for wearing that hideous track suit.

In a documentary by Jon
Ronson titled "David Icke: The Reptiles and the Jews" we see a cut of
Icke telling a crowd that the world being run by reptilian aliens
sounds completely 'ridiculous' to the average person. He knows it sound
crazy, but as he puts it, "a number of people thought Columbus was
insane travelling to the edge of the earth." The problem here is that
Icke is no Columbus. He hasn't discovered a new world nor is he a
modern day Nostradamus.

In 'David Icke, Was he Right?'
another documentary available on You Tube and Google Video. We see that
Icke was apparently correct about a number of events taking place in
the world that he apparently foretold. This is all well and good for
Icke. But Icke is not dumb; and in his moments of clarity he does
present a decent political analysis. However, I’ll argue that anybody
with a modicum of thought could have told you that some interesting
stuff was going to happen in the 90's through to the present day.
Indeed, it's the type of stuff credible individuals like John Pilger
and others have been writing about for years.

In the
programme we see Icke cruise the streets of London noting the amount of
cameras surrounding the iconic environs the city possesses. He then
goes and visits peace campaigner Brian Haw. I don't know how highly Haw
thinks of his celebrity buddy Icke? Upon seeing an opportunity to leave
the conversation Haw suddenly jumps up and madly starts ringing bells
screaming a litany of hate at those entering the British Parliament

The Reptilian Conspiracy.

Ronson’s "David Icke: The Reptiles and the Jews" Alex Jones is asked
his opinions on Icke. Jones says Icke has some sound ideas but he
muddies the waters, by making sensationalist 'asinine' claims. Jones
then compares Icke's Reptilian Lizard men concept as being akin to a
‘turd' in a punch bowl’.(Jones however now has Icke regularly on his

Though to the majority of people the concept of us
being the fodder of reptilian humanoids is trite and to quote Louis
Theroux 'silly'. It's now Icke’s big seller. The thesis is that an
ancient race of Reptilians came to earth breeding with humans and their
descendants who are now amongst the secret rulers of the world.

links these cannibalistic lizard people to royalty, Zionists, the
Catholic Church and families like the Bush's, Rockefellers and
Rothschild's. The notion though embarrassingly laughable is something
of a hit. He's become the PT Barnum of the D-File community. Just look
at how much product and how little content Icke is selling on his
official website it's quite simply incredible and quite unashamedly

Icke’s beliefs have also created problems with
Jewish groups. Now, before we go on I think it’s unfair to call him an
anti Semite. He is however, misguided, misinformed and stupid. He
cannot see that by saying stuff like the reptilians prefer eating
'Aryan babies' that he is descending into a murky world of race and
bogus culture. For one, the blonde haired, blue eyed concept of the
Aryan people is total and utter horse shit. If, he wants to find real
Aryan people Icke should grab Colin McEvedy’s Atlas of Ancient History
look at maps of the area around Iran and go East from there. That's
where the real Aryans emerged from and went to.

Icke cannot
see that statements such as these are completely inflammatory neigh
incendiary. His hokey works are so riddled with dubious historical
analysis that like Alex Jones he has now been adopted to a degree by
some extremely right wing groups who also suffer from reality issues.
No matter how Icke defends himself the sad fact is that he has had some
of his events and meetings attended and organised by noted anti Semites
and general racists.

Icke believes that these people have
been sent to secretly discredit him in the eyes of the world and he is
genuinely aghast at the popularity he has in extreme right wing
circles. However, a person in Icke’s position should have the nous and
knowledge to avoid any and all contact with such compromising
characters, and avoid writing and speaking the kind of gibberish that
would attract their kind in the first place.

The Muffin Man.

of the most hilarious aspects of Icke’s seminars is his choice of
music. An Irish boy band called Boyzone sing their ballad "No matter
what they tell us." as he takes the stage. The documentary “David Icke
was he right?” has Icke backstage as if in a trance mouthing the lyrics
to this cheap commercial number. The song if you have not had the
displeasure of hearing it is basically about forbidden love and being
mocked for expressing ones thoughts or feelings.

Okay, I can
see how the lyrics relate to how Icke feels about himself. The big
problem is that the song is as corny as Icke’s beliefs. For all his
sentimental efforts Mr Icke really should have put on Frank Zappa and
Captain Beef hearts classic "Muffin Man" as his intro music. When Icke
walks out to greet his crowd the songs chorus "He thought he was a man
but he was a muffin." would be eternally truthful. Sadly despite my
chastisement its apparent Icke has mastered a soft approach that
attracts people to him in a way that the aggressive and outspoken Alex
Jones cannot and thus he’s making way more than most of us ever will.

where my mate Kris comes into it again. Like I have said, she's a smart
and insightful person and even she for a time found Icke interesting.
What's scary about this is that, Jim Jones, Charles Manson, David
Koresh and the Heavens Gate club were also populated with some
exceedingly intelligent individuals. Look at the otherwise intelligent
people immersing themselves ridiculous cults like Raelians. What seems
to happen is that when life has been difficult and or human
relationships have been impaired through loss, abuse or general grief
many people find something that confirms their world view quite simply
because their own personal worlds have been challenged so often they
need a salvation. No one in the world understands them and this in turn
makes them vulnerable to manipulation.

It all comes down to the
quick fix or easy answer solutions that fundamentally don’t exist. The
big problem with Icke (and I would assume a good many of his followers)
is that Icke blends some valid political points in with some
tantalising glimpses into the dark side of the occult and governmental
control in the form of the Illuminati and lizard men. This
automatically makes people feel in possession of truth but at the same
time it isolates them from society and many of the stern realities that
exist out there. It’s also a clever ploy because in turn it helps his
sales and his tours in much the same way preaching about Satan gets
evangelists to go to church.

David Icke Is Not A Serious Researcher.

title speaks the truth. I would whole heartedly recommend anyone
studying covert political intrigue to stay well away from Icke’s
politically focussed work. Alex Jones may grate with me a little, but
he is far more credible simply because he does does not believe that
Box Car Willie is a reptilian humanoid.

As I have said before
some could take Icke’s stubbornness in the face of criticism as a sign
of remarkable self belief and strength of character. In some respects
it is, but in Icke’s context it is damaging because unlike any
conspiracy advocate I have ever come across he has caused irreparable
harm to the research and journalistic community by his merely being
associated with it in the publics mind.

To round this whole
thing up I ask the reader to take a look on either Google Video or You
Tube and find an interesting appearance Icke made on the Wogan show a
number of years after he had humiliated himself on it. Icke received
some hearty applause and an apology from Wogan. But this new modified
David Icke the public witnessed did not take any crap. Now many in
England know that Terry Wogan has long been a mouth piece for
centrist/conservative Britain and proved this by declaring the United
States 'a free and open society' after the debacle of the US elections
and the 9/11 tragedy.

Icke responded with a little deserved
mockery of his own to the contrary and was completely correct in his
appraisal indeed his kicking of Wogan drew applause from the crowd.
However, I could not help but think how rank and sad it it was that
David Icke, a person of extremely dubious logic should become a mouth
piece for the 1000’s no millions of people on the issue, when all it
takes is a quick Google search and people can right him off as a kook
and then go back to sleep, secure that 'those types' are all like that.
Thus in an age were disinformation is plentiful we can see precisely
why Icke garners so much attention full stop and then they utilise him
to tar us with the same brush.

Icke claims to have witnessed Reptilians change form in front of him. I wonder what he sees when he looks in the mirror.
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Dancing With David IcKe. Empty Icke et al

Sat 19 Sep 2009, 4:36 pm

an entertaining series with many a nail being hit.

In the case of Icke in particular I had serious doubts that rebutting such silliness was time well spent.

I may stand corrected... Dancing With David IcKe. Icon_exclaim
Lee Harvey Coogan
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Dancing With David IcKe. Empty Re: Dancing With David IcKe.

Sat 19 Sep 2009, 5:24 pm
greg parker wrote:LHC,

an entertaining series with many a nail being hit.

In the case of Icke in particular I had serious doubts that rebutting such silliness was time well spent.

I may stand corrected... Dancing With David IcKe. Icon_exclaim

Cheers cobber, and thanks for taking the first down now to redo this sucker and then I'll be happy.
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Dancing With David IcKe. Empty Re: Dancing With David IcKe.

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