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Floor - The 6th Floor Whitewash: an example  Empty The 6th Floor Whitewash: an example

Sat 12 Jan 2013, 6:09 pm
Oral history with Gladys Cason:

Gladys Cason

Cason was the widow of Jack C. Cason, who was president of the Texas School Book Depository in 1963. The Casons, a conservative family, feared for President Kennedy's safety during his visit to Dallas. Recorded September 29, 2005.

In the Spring of '61, Gladys Cason had gotten drunk and told dinner guests that "someone should shoot President Kennedy".

Jack Cason had been a former Commander of the American Legion, Post #53 in Dallas.

The American Legion Contact Program was uncovered by the Church Committee. It ran from 1940 to 1954. This program used Legion members as confidential sources on subversive matters. Even though the program officially ceased in 1954, FBI Field Offices were instructed to maintain contact with American Legion officials in their areas.

(Somewhere in there is the real story of Joe Molina...)

It is noted in The Establishment in Texas Politics: The Primitive Years, 1938-1957 that in 1945, there had been correspondence between Cason and LV Ulrey, a politician associated with Gerald LK Smith.

Floor - The 6th Floor Whitewash: an example  Lv_ulv11

The Pappy O'Daniel mentioned was a Dixiecrat, anti-segregationist radio host, musician and bible thumper. He was also the only person to ever defeat LBJ in an election...

Through his radio show and music, he was in tight with Ruby friend, Bob Willis.

I should add that the "anti-violence" bill pushed by Ulrey and O'Daniel (based on a Smith suggestion) was actually a bill aimed at outlawing strikes and picketing.

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Floor - The 6th Floor Whitewash: an example  Empty Re: The 6th Floor Whitewash: an example

Sun 13 Jan 2013, 8:19 am
Relying only on memory, in either William Weston's "The Transformation of the Texas School Book Depository" or "411 Elm Street", he mentions an incident in the University Park section of Dallas, which included Druid Lane, of "ruffians" throwing beer bottles from passing cars, yelling out accusatory profanities, and so un-nerving the Casons that they were forced to move to other parts of town.

seems that local hoodlum-types had a sixth sense for where the Dallas-area perpetrators were located.
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