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Lifton - David Lifton doesn’t understand the Holocaust  Empty David Lifton doesn’t understand the Holocaust

Mon 13 Dec 2021, 9:19 pm
Latest Night Fright Show with David Lifton:

He says the Nazi’s gassed the Jews on the trains. This never happened, they were taken off the trains at the death camps, and split into two groups (one group for slave workers, the other group for execution).
The gassing was done in the gas chambers, adjoining the crematoriums. Simple logistics.
The Holocaust is one of the most documented atrocities in history, how could he get it so wrong?
The reason he brought it up, was so he could link it to a farfetched theory that the 3 tramps would have been gassed on the train. Quite a stretch!
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Lifton - David Lifton doesn’t understand the Holocaust  Empty Re: David Lifton doesn’t understand the Holocaust

Tue 14 Dec 2021, 4:41 am
I think Lifton’s statement could also be interpreted as just using the same method (hydrogen cyanide gas) as believed to be used at some of the camps such as Auschwitz (most of the camps used carbon monoxide supplied by diesel engines according to eyewitnesses).

But there are problems with this. The pellets containing the hydrogen cyanide were designed to not release the gas unless placed in heaters and the pellets heated to some temperature. There were two reasons for this. First, for the safety of the user. Second, hydrogen cyanide gas condenses at about 80F. removing it from the air as a gas. At the camps, a temperature above 80F was presumably maintained the body heat of the victims crowded together. With an outside temperature of about 70F, a metal walled box car would still be warming up from overnight low temperatures in the 50sF. The body heat of three tramps would be insignificant.

Even if conditions were right for releasing toxic concentrations of hydrogen cyanide gas, eyewitnesses said the victims at the camps took about 20 minutes to die. Presumably, the tramps would sense something was wrong and leave the car. And even if the gassing was successful, whoever opened that car would also be in danger from trapped pockets of gas or contact with condensed gas. The victims would have a characteristic cherry red skin color.  Not a good way to cover up a crime when it would raise so many questions.

I place this hypothesis in the bin with Lifton’s hypothesis of fake trees on the grassy knoll.

I have never heard anyone provide a convincing role of the tramps in the assassination. If they were shooters/spotters behind the fence, wouldn’t Lee Bowers have seen them shuffling across the parking lot back to the train?

I think Lifton did uncover some shenanigans at Bethesda such as the shell game with the ambulances. Douglas Horne uncovered a shell game with the Zapruder film at NPIC. But both then proceeded to go off the rails.
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