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4 Mass Poisonings in France, 1951

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4 Mass Poisonings in France, 1951

Post by greg parker on Thu 03 Jul 2014, 10:38 pm

Other writers brought to light the case of the mass poisonings at Pont St Esprit in France in 1951.

This report however, shows that 4 different towns all had mass poisonings during the same time-frame, but via different vectors. AFAIK, LHOCW was the first book to look at all 4. 

To my mind, the odds that these cases are coincidental must be pretty high, as I have not been able to find any comparative cases where 4 different regions suffered mass poisonings from 4 different sources all during the same couple of days.

It must be noted that claims of biological weapons being used in the Korean War followed not all that long after these poisonings.

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greg parker

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Re: 4 Mass Poisonings in France, 1951

Post by Terry W. Martin on Fri 04 Jul 2014, 12:10 am

First of all, the report may have been made the day after I was born but the events all occurred two weeks before, so I cannot be considered involved.

Your book was the first to examine the four because most people seem to have forgotten the matter entirely or not seen anything sinister in the tales especially since the agents appear to have varied case-to-case, meat, grain, and dairy. Had these events occurred a little closer to Fort Detrick, there might have been "talk".

It makes one wonder if Love canal and other similar mishaps were experiments with human guinea pigs by our wonderful security apparatus.

I used to notice such things - years ago when I actually listened to the news - of rather similar elements that might all be nothing other than serendipity. On a single afternoon in summer of 1972 there were apartment fires in six different states and each had only one fatality: a female octagenarian. Bizarre coincidence? Most likely because I cannot figure out why anyone would want to get rid of eighty-year-old women. But maybe there's something more to it. Who knows?

Has anyone else here noticed similar copy-cat events? Whether poisonings or other seemingly disrelated echoes.

Also, as an aside, is it strange that the third paragraph in the article seems to be formatted differently... perhaps added over something else?? Or am I too paranoid?
Terry W. Martin

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