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Dr Louis Jolyon West

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Dr Louis Jolyon West

Post by greg parker on Sat 22 Jan 2011, 11:22 pm

Psychiatrist and biobehavioral scientist who, while stationed at Lackland AFB, was part of the team who studied US POWs returned from Korea.

Lackand was where John Pic was stationed at the time of the assassination, having arrived not all that long from Japan after Lee's return from Russia.

In West's own words: "What we found enabled us to rule out drugs, hypnosis or other mysterious trickery. It was just one device used to confuse, bewilder and torment our men until they were ready to confess to anything. That device was prolonged, chronic loss of sleep."

The study concluded that sleep deprivation, combined with the fear of harm and total dependence on their captors, had led the airmen into startling and long-lasting personality changes.

West was brought in by Ruby's defense team after the trial to appear at a hearing to determine the value of further psychiatric evaluations in regard to probate and appeals.

West first saw Ruby on April 26,1964 and used hypnosis and sodium pentathol. In the words of his report, this was to "provide further information concerning Mr Ruby's state of mind at the time he shot Lee Harvey Oswald" West concluded that Ruby was currently suffering from "acute psychotic reaction, paranoid state. Manifested by delusions, visual and auditory hallucinations, suspiciousness, agitation, inappropriate affect, unshakable fixed preoccupations, depression, suicidal impulses, and impairment of reasoning, judgment, concentration, and progression of thought."

Despite what he claimed he was using hypnosis and sodium pentathol for, West actually made no findings about Ruby's state of mind "at the time he shot Oswald". The effect of his report would mean no possibility of a new trial, if accepted by the court, as Ruby would be seen as unfit to stand.

Leading up to - and over - the assassination weekend, Ruby was suffering chronic sleep deprivation; was popping amphetamine, and was under stress from more than one source. Once in custody, we can add dependence on his captors and fear of harm (to himself and family members) - basically a perfect subject for "brainwashing" using the Dr West Korean War formula.

Associations: CIA; USAF

Assassinations linked to: Nil

Assessment: High probability he was brought in to mess with Ruby's head and to get him locked up in a state mental facility. A new trial was nevertheless granted. However, a sudden diagnosis of lung cancer in Ruby soon after the retrial was won negated the need for it.

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