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Petition and world wide protests Egypt

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Petition and world wide protests Egypt

Post by Frankie Vegas on Sat 29 Jan 2011, 7:56 pm

Above is the date and locations of the world wide support protests. For any Kiwis reading, there are no Egyptian embassies in New Zealand, so we will be going to our local city halls.

Here is the petition, please sign and pass it on. Hot potato!

Frankie Vegas

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Re: Petition and world wide protests Egypt

Post by Guest on Mon 31 Jan 2011, 4:45 am

I can only hope this revolution, as the draftees of the petition aspire, stays rooted in American Revolutionary ideals. People need food, clothing & shelter, freedom of speech, which includes freedom to be able to criticize the government, and spending cash for life's little luxuries- "the pursuit of happiness"- it's 2011, after all.

Although the media of course accents the street clashes, this widespread insurrection came as a result of a long period of being abused by those in power. I would say that for every protester in the street, there are 10 others at home who wouldn't partake in the brick-throwing, but wouldn't suggest they do otherwise.

Egyptians should also remember that violence begets violence, and recall the failure of the French Revolution- which replaced King Louis XVI but set the stage for a worse tyrant, Napoleon- a "reformer" who brought carnage to all of Europe. They might remember that cannonfire from one of Napoleon's officers shot off the Sphinx's nose.

Which is intended to say that, they should be careful what they wish for. Any reform government, in the ideal, is going to require greater individual daily effort & responsibility from the average citizen.

Some principle of governance & leadership must be accepted eventually- it isn't practical to have regular town meetings to decide the price of bread, or whether ships of certain nationality should be allowed to sail thorugh the Suez Canal.

The whole world is watching and I hope this works out for the best for Egypt and its people and their treasured history. But I'm quite pessimistic as to the international repercussions.


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