Why JFK's Aide Decided to Tell Her Side of Their 4-Year Affair
Sat 25 Sep - 9:11Vinny
Yet another woman claiming she was JFK's mistress. People are still trying to tarnish JFK's reputation nearly sixty years later.


Why JFK's Aide Decided to Tell Her Side of Their 4-Year Affair — and the Hard Lessons She Learned
"I'm not here to throw dirt at a dead man, but I am here to say the culture …
Hugh Aynesworth offered to snitch on William Walter for the FBI
Thu 9 Jul - 0:43barto
Why Oswald was More Likely to Have Suffered Asperger’s Than Dyslexia
Sun 28 Mar - 0:31greg_parker
Oswald’s periodic poor spelling: Oswald was known for his poor spelling and messy writing. However, there are examples of his writings which bear no misspellings.

From Dr Asperger’s original case-notes:
"His handwriting, as would be expected from his general clumsiness, was very poor. He carried on writing carelessly, and messily, crossing out words, lines going up and down, the slant …
Did Oswald deny living at 1026 N Beckley?
Sun 18 Sep - 10:25Vinny
From the webs forum.
[url=http://www.prayer-man.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/rokc forum/www.reopenkennedycase.org/apps/forums/topics/show/13292540-did-oswald-deny-living-at-1026-n-beckley-.html]http://www.prayer-man.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/rokc%20forum/www.reopenkennedycase.org/apps/forums/topics/show/13292540-did-oswald-deny-living-at-1026-n-beckley-.html[/url]

Did Oswald deny living at 1026 N Beckley?

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According to Jim Leavelle he …
Question about Harborside Terminal
Thu 16 Sep - 21:05JFK_FNG
I’d like to get some input on something I’ve been trying to figure out with the rifle evidence. The manager of Harborside Terminal, Frederick Peterson, provided the attached sheet below to the FBI along with five withdrawal forms showing Fred Rupp’s removals of most of the entire lot of 520 cartons. According to the removal sheets, Rupp removed 1700 rifles in August and 2640 …
Probable Cause Magazine
Mon 20 Sep - 7:30greg_parker
Probable cause Magazine, Vol One, Issue One

The Very Best of ReopenKennedyCase (ROKC) Forum Reaseach, Part One

CRIB'AGE talking cribs n parts
Mon 13 Sep - 17:01Ed.Ledoux
Cribs of the rich and famous 


(not a wash tub)

What crib parts would you keep in a 24-37" long blanket roll?


Marina says she specifically goes into garage to get crib parts from blanket
Sees a rifle butt and doesn't retrieve any crib parts(?)

Again which parts of …
Hyde My Paine
Fri 21 Jul - 8:19StanDane
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Frazier On Prayer Man
Mon 29 Mar - 8:29Vinny
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