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More Tabloid TrashMon 10 Dec 2018, 8:06 amMick Purdy
Back Yard PhotographyMon 10 Dec 2018, 1:53 amJake Sykes
Fair Play For Brian DoyleSat 08 Dec 2018, 9:34 pmVinny
Amos Lee EuinsSat 08 Dec 2018, 9:48 ambarto
Judith McCullyWed 05 Dec 2018, 4:17 ambarto
No Shots Fired From The TSBDTue 04 Dec 2018, 3:18 ambarto

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The Backyard Photos: Ring Transposition and and LHO stance
Sat 11 Aug 2018, 10:27 pmMrScrambledEgg
I’ve been interested in the Oswald backyard photos off and on for many years. Recently due to having too much time on my hands I decided to take another squizz at these iconic fakes.
I had read somewhere that in one of the photos Oswald (or at least the supposed Oswald) is shown wearing a ring. So I’ve always known that 133C shows the figure wearing a ring on his left hand. You can …
More Tabloid Trash
Sat 08 Dec 2018, 9:40 pmVinny
Fair Play For Brian Doyle
Thu 25 Oct 2018, 3:55 amsteely dan
For the last 3 years Brian Doyle has ploughed a lonely furrow in his quest for the truth. Hindered at every turn by unfair moderators, naysayers, troll punks and 95% of the JFK research community, Brian has on occasion let his frustrations be known.
Here at ROKC we believe this situation must change. And so we say....
We call on ALL conference organisers to allow Brian a …
Amos Lee Euins
Sat 03 Aug 2013, 6:16 amHasan Yusuf
Without a doubt, Amos Euins is one of the most misunderstood witnesses to the President’s assassination. In his affidavit to the Dallas Sheriff’s Office, he allegedly claimed that the shooter in the TSBD was a white man. However, during his testimony, he denied this was the case.

From Euins’ …
Leroy Blevins On Prayer Man
Tue 17 Jul 2018, 7:21 pmVinny
The deniers never stop.

Judith McCully
Sat 01 Dec 2018, 6:34 pmbarto
I managed to talk to her daughter and got her position during the shooting solved. And it is as her first statement stated. She was on the 4th floor and not the front steps.
William Whaley, Cab 36 and Lee Oswald
Sun 10 Nov 2013, 10:43 pmAnonymous
William Whaley and Cab 36

The official story maintains that Oswald, after leaving Cecil McWatter’s bus at 12:44pm, walked a few blocks up to the Greyhound bus station and got into cab number 36 that was driven by William Whaley. The time was now “officially” 12:47pm. Whaley in his Warren Commission testimony stated that he thought Oswald looked like a “wino” who had been “off his …
Study of the Darnell film.
Sun 04 Feb 2018, 9:38 pmbarto

5 women have managed to stand on the steps about 15-20 secs after the final shot.
Andrej Stancak noticed a short human figure on the landing on the very right side, possibly Sarah Stanton who was described by BWF as a short heavy set lady.
Parcast podcast "Conspiracy Theories"
Thu 22 Nov 2018, 1:24 pmcavalier973
I just finished listening to part 2 of their podcast on the JFK Assassination. *Spoilers Follow*

As I sort of expected, they went with the story that Oswald was definitely the shooter. There was no discussion of Prayer Man; no surprise there.

They accepted the story that Oswald went to Mexico City, and did not discuss the possibility that it was an impersonator, even though they did talk …
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