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Anti Prayer Man CampaignYesterday at 8:48 pmVinny
lho toothYesterday at 7:40 pmMick Purdy
Backyard pixTue 16 Oct 2018, 10:57 pmgreg parker
A House of Cards?Mon 15 Oct 2018, 11:17 pmgreg parker
Imperial ReflexSun 14 Oct 2018, 2:49 amorangebicycle
Prayer ManSat 13 Oct 2018, 10:29 pmVinny

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Is Oswald Completely Innocent?
Mon 01 Oct 2018, 8:25 pmVinny
Since Oswald was on the front steps during and just after the shooting,he obviously was not a shooter. But even if he did not fire any shot in Dealey Plaza it does not necessarily mean that he completely innocent. Even Sean had said that he could not fully rule out the possibility that Oswald was involved in some way.

My personal opinion is that Oswald was quite likely fully innocent and had …
Anti Prayer Man Campaign
Thu 12 Jan 2017, 2:45 amVinny
Is it my imagination only or does it seem like there has been an increase in PM bashing lately?

For example

Bill Miller returns to the Education Forum and starts criticizing the Prayer Man theory.

Glenn Vikund recently posted some stuff on a Facebook group and also mentioned Prayer Man in a negative way.

James Gordon too recently seemed quite critical of Prayer Man.

Even Paul Trejo who in …
The Backyard Photos: Ring Transposition
Sat 11 Aug 2018, 10:27 pmMrScrambledEgg
I’ve been interested in the Oswald backyard photos off and on for many years. Recently due to having too much time on my hands I decided to take another squizz at these iconic fakes.
I had read somewhere that in one of the photos Oswald (or at least the supposed Oswald) is shown wearing a ring. So I’ve always known that 133C shows the figure wearing a ring on his left hand. You can …
Backyard pix
Mon 08 Oct 2018, 10:59 pmorangebicycle
Looking again at the LHO backyard photos, specifically 133-A. The papers he is holding (Militant and Worker) are both tabloid format, ie, 11x17 inches. So you have an 11-inch ruler to accurately measure his "backyard" height, easily done in Photoshop or Gimp or similar. The result I get is around 5 feet to 5 feet 3 inches, given that the papers might not be flat against his chest, and his feet …
A House of Cards?
Fri 30 Aug 2013, 9:08 pmAnonymous
In a couple of days I will be posting a very long essay that I have been putting together for many months with the assistance of Greg Parker and Hasan Yusuf.

One of Robert Charles-Dunne's recent posts has already made me very aware of the standard of proof some people will require before dispensing with a wide variety of myths that have long been accepted as established truth.  I will be very …
Imperial Reflex
Thu 11 Oct 2018, 7:47 pmorangebicycle
Just mulling the "discovery" of the Imperial Reflex box camera supposedly used by Marina to take the "backyard" pix. This supposedly turned up in Robert Oswald's house among items LHO had left there. Was a search ever undertaken by police / FBI of RO's house? Were they aware that he was holding stuff belonging to LHO? I just looked through LHO's WC testimony, and there is no mention of the …
Prayer Man
Sat 14 Dec 2013, 11:07 amMick Purdy
Original Prayer Man thread at the Education Forum


I have to say I find it oh so mildly amusing reading some of the comments, thoughts and rants associated on other forums regarding Prayer Man / Oswald on the front steps. …
The Magic Bullet: The Dangerous Power Of JFK
Sat 06 Oct 2018, 8:47 pmVinny
Did Oswald deny living at 1026 N Beckley?
Sun 18 Sep 2016, 7:25 pmVinny
From the webs forum.

Did Oswald deny living at 1026 N Beckley?

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According to Jim Leavelle he did.

Casting his mind back 50 years once more, Jim recalls how Oswald began to spin lies during his interviews.
“He gave me a phoney address,” he says. “And even though …
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