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The Ongoing Ring Fraud Empty The Ongoing Ring Fraud

Thu 29 Dec 2022, 3:23 pm
No, the title isn't my dyslexia kicking in - though "The Ongoing Fraud Ring" would be just as apt.

Listen from about the 53:17 mark as Gary Fannin explains how he purchased Oswald's ring from another researcher friend and explains how that researcher obtained it from Mr Groody the mortician who obtained it from Oswald's body during the second autopsy and how Groody gave it to this nice researcher on the promise that he would not tell anyone how he (Groody) obtained it until after Groody's death. Depending on who is telling the story, this is either out of God-Fearing shame or fear of going to jail for grave robbery.

The real story of that ring however, was related by Dr di Maio, the assistant autopsist at the 2nd autopsy.

I dropped this comment for the video, but kept a copy incase it diasappeared - which it did. When I got up this morning, it was gone.


No coincidence that Marshall Evans offloaded that ring to you in 2019. That was the year I exposed it (and him) as a fraud. The real story of the two rings was told in the book "Morgue: A Life in Death" by Dr. Vincent Di Maio, Ron Franscel, pp. 114-122. Di Maio was the assistant autopsist at the 2nd examination of the body. Here is what di Maio wrote “First, we removed the rings on the corpse’s finger and gave them to Marina… Back in the autopsy room, before Oswald’s new casket was closed and he went back into the damp earth of Rose Hill, a grateful Marina gave Dr. Norton an odd gift: the red gemstone ring we’d taken off the corpse’s pinky. It was her way of saying thanks for the team’s work. But Linda was visibly uncomfortable with this morbid reward. As soon as Marina left the room, she inconspicuously slipped it into my hand. She didn’t want it. Neither did I. As well-meaning as it might have been, it was a sordid souvenir of a grim task and an even grimmer history. I wished for the whole wretched mess to just be buried once and for all. So just before they sealed Lee Harvey Oswald’s coffin for his next eternity, I dropped the ring into the box with him and then drove home to San Antonio in the dark.”

Note also that di Maio said the ring was taken from the pinky finger. Groody explained why in a newspaper story after the initial funeral. Both the wedding ring and the genstone ring were too small for Oswald's ring finger, so they ended up placing both on his pinky. At the second autopsy that gemstone ring got dropped back into the casket. The one that did not go back into the ground, was given by Marina to one of her lawyers. It, like the other, was too small to have belonged to Oswald.  By default, both had to be female rings - one wedding amd one engagement. Eventually, that wedding ring was also used in a fraudulent transaction. It was swapped out for a male size ring and sold at auction for over 100K. The intrinsic value of the ring was around $200. These old Soviet rings are easy to obtain on the internet. Having spoken to conference groupies who got to try "Your" ring on when Evans was flashing it around and spreading his BS story about Groody being a thief, it is obviously a male size ring - another indicator of fraud - apart from the fact that the actual one is 6 feet under. Now you know the facts, I hope you will do the right thing.

I am not letting Fannin of the hook by any stretch.

Even if he believed Evans bullshit story, he still knows that this would make him the receiver of stolen goods and that the legal owner would be Marina.

And apart from that, his talk was fucking excrutiating, culminating in his belief in another fraud -- the Ricky White story.

So fuck Fannin. 

This is my personal ongoing war on all of those who have made getting to the truth not only harder, but made it also near impossible to get sane, influential people to listen.

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The Ongoing Ring Fraud Empty Re: The Ongoing Ring Fraud

Thu 29 Dec 2022, 8:27 pm
As fake as The Raleigh Call
It all reminds me of these so called fake war vets....or like Jim Leavelle and his tall stories boasting about interrogating Oswald..

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The Ongoing Ring Fraud Empty Re: The Ongoing Ring Fraud

Thu 29 Dec 2022, 9:13 pm
So much fakery involved in this case.

Out With Bill Shelley In Front.
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The Ongoing Ring Fraud Empty Re: The Ongoing Ring Fraud

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