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    William Hootkins is innocent

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    William Hootkins is innocent - Page 2 Empty William Hootkins is innocent

    Sun 03 Mar 2019, 2:17 pm
    First topic message reminder :

    Regarding the barbershop story, if true, the child could not be William Hootkins. I knew him very well. He did not want a “one world order”. He also had reddish hair, not blonde. He was Jewish and so was his father. The last thing they wanted was another Hitler/Holocaust. They loved America and capitalism. However, William (known as Bill), was a huge Democrat until he died and loved JFK. The idea he would be a part of his assasination is ridiculous. His father Seymour was a staunch Republican and they fought/disagreed on most political issues. He was a genius and a prodigy in languages and took many language courses during the summers but never became extremely close with any teachers/tutors. The FBI interviewed him because he knew Ruth Paine but he knew nothing of the assasination and didn’t believe his teacher Ruth knew anything about it either. You can easily look up that he was a registered Democrat. He was a very nice and friendly person, please let him Rest In Peace. He died in 2005 of cancer. Just wanted to clear that up.

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    William Hootkins is innocent - Page 2 Empty Re: William Hootkins is innocent

    Fri 15 Mar 2019, 3:02 am
    Amazing handling (and dismantling) of said individual’s logic and arguments Greg and Co. Just shows the great level of thinking and analysis done here at ROKC. I believe that the member understands the level of thinking and critical analysis that goes on here, hence the lack of responses possibly?, lol.
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    William Hootkins is innocent - Page 2 Empty Re: William Hootkins is innocent

    Sat 27 Apr 2019, 10:12 pm
    I agree BC..i just finished reading this now. Absolutely fascinating. Chalk up another one t ROKC. Greg Parker- the one man doppelganger demolition machine. No Harvey too Lee too big!! No Marguerite too tall!!
    I take it we're talking about the William Hootkins who appeared in Star Wars and as a US military intel officer in Raiders of the Lost Ark?
    I can almost hear the wheels in Lemkins mind start t spin as he tries t process this information.
    Expect a rambling incoherent 30 000 word dissertation in the not too distant future " How George Lucas helped alter the Zapruder Film. With comments and photographic analysis by John " What the" Butler " Saw" one of the true geniuses of the Age.

    A fez! A fez! My kingdom for a fez!!
    The last words of King Richard HARVEY Plantagenet III 
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    Is that a doppelganger in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?
    Artist, poet, polymath, cancer research prodigy Judyth Vary Baker's  first words to Lee HARVEY Oswald. New Orleans April 1963

    For every HARVEY there must be an equal and opposite LEE
    Professor Sandy Isaac Newton Laverne Shirley Fonzie Larsen's 
    Famous 1st Law of Doppelganging

    " To answer your question I  ALWAYS  look for mundane reasons for seeming anomalies before considering  sinister explanations. Only a fool would do otherwise. And I'm no fool" The esteemed Professor Larsen  From  his soon to be published  self help book " The Trough of Enlightenment "( Trine Day  Foreword  Vince Palamara)

    " Once you prove Davidson's woman's face then Stanton's breasts follow naturally " Brian Doyle
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    William Hootkins is innocent - Page 2 Empty Re: William Hootkins is innocent

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