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The Confession Tapes Empty The Confession Tapes

Sun 10 Sep 2017, 2:32 pm
In the same slipstream as The Thin Blue Line, Making a Murderer and the gut-wrenching Murder on a Sunday Morning, this is another -not-to-be-missed documentary series - this time concentrating on how police extract false confessions using what can only be described as classic brain-washing techniques. There are few if any happy endings here. Most of the subjects looked at have exhausted all appeal rights and remain behind bars despite DNA and other forensic evidence pointing to others, after convictions based solely or substantially on the false confession.

How can anyone make a false confession? Watch it and find out how easy it is to get anyone to admit anything.

It is not about justice. It is about police clearance rates. And it is far easier to zero in on a soft target and extract the confession then it is to do any actual police work or to follow more substantial leads. Wrap the case up and move on to the next...

As we head toward the 54th anniversary of the JFK assassination and the killing of the suspect, we need to keep hammering at the fact that the Dallas DA at the time - Henry Wade - was the most infamous of all those who ever locked up innocent people - having provably done so more often than any other DA in US history. We all need to watch all of the shows mentioned because they are instructive as to what happened with Oswald and key witnesses over those 2 days. Oswald was NOT killed to stop him spilling the beans on anyone else. He was killed because these police techniques on framing innocent people would not have withstood scrutiny under the international spotlight through a trial.

It is about time that the name LEE HARVEY OSWALD is added to the pantheon of the wrongly convicted and this should be the focus of any and all future efforts in this case. No, he was not convicted in court - but he WAS convicted through a compliant media and then again by the FBI and a Presidential Commission - which even Wikipedia states are only set up to sweep things under the rug.
My plea to one and all is to lay down your conspiracy theories. Take Oswald out of that box and place him into the Innocence Project Box. He was framed and there was nothing - absolutely nothing unusual about it. It was business as usual.

The Confession Tapes Safe_image.php?d=AQAm8o0PSZYEHyEV&w=526&h=296&

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The Confession Tapes Empty Re: The Confession Tapes

Sun 10 Sep 2017, 11:56 pm
I am nabbing all 7 eps, thanks for the heads up

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