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Natural Hygienics & White Supremacy Empty Natural Hygienics & White Supremacy

Wed 16 May 2012, 11:21 pm
Letter from Ben Klassen to Natural Hygienics proponent, Ralph Cinque c/o the Church of Human Life Science which was a church by name only for the not-for-profit tax status, but otherwise was simply used as a warehouse to store "Life Science" publications etc.

KLassen was the founder of the Nationalist White Party. The party platform was directed at White Christians and was explicitly religious and racial in nature; the first sentence of the party's fourteen point program is "We believe that the White Race was created in the Image of the Lord..." The logo of the Nationalist White Party was a "W" with a crown and halo over it. That same logo would be used three years later as the logo of the Church of the Creator. Less than a year after he created the Nationalist White Party, Klassen began expressing apprehension about Christianity to his connections through letters. These letters were not well received and effectively ended the influence of the Nationalist White Party.[per wiki]

Mr. Ralph C. Cinque

Church of Human Life Science

Yorktown, Texas

January 15, 1980

Dear Mr. Cinque:

Recently I subscribed to HEALTH CRUSADER and also TOTAL
WELLBEING, as well as ordering several groups of books from your
church, including the Basic Library. I have read the magazines from
cover to cover and agreed with your approach to health even before
I had heard of your organization. Your material has considerably
enhanced and strengthened my education in the field of health.

I, too, have a church whose philosophy is completely based on
the eternal Laws of Nature and I believe it covers a very essential
spectrum of human life that your doctrine does not cover, but I believe
our philosophies or creeds nicely support and dovetail with each
other. 1 have written a comprehensive book on the subject. It is call-
ed NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION. Enclosed herewith is a copy
of our book.

My object in writing you is to explore if we might collaborate
in promoting each others books and philosophy, since I feel neither
is complete without the other, just as a male and female need each
other to complete a unit.

Whereas my subject embraces race, religion, eugenics, politics
and the whole spectrum of living, all based on Natural Laws, it is
all designed to uplift and greatly improve the wellbeing and happiness
of the human race. True, it is highly controversial, but then so is
your hygienic philosophy as you have stated repeatedly. However,
I don't think that a group of people (such as at Life Science) who
are objectively seeking the truth can be too much in disagreement
with the controversial (but logical) position we take. In fact reading
your article on "Human Dignity through Hygiene" (Vol. 1, No. 4) page
89, 1 find you stating, "Jettisoning the shackles of morbid Christianity
as then practiced, Renaissance man freed himself to study, to ex-
plore — to create — . (more)"

This is where we come in. Renaissance man never did completely
free himself from the powerful monopolies of superstition, fear and
gullibility, and these same forces still shackle hundreds of millions
including some of our best minds. The results have been disastrous
for our whole race and civilization.

It is my conclusion that our respective philosophies each alone
only tell half the story. Certainly you can see that no matter how
healthy you and your family might be, you could not survive in the
middle of Harlem. If the Harlem environment engulfs the whole coun-
try, none of us can survive. You would, in short order, be repeatedly
robbed, mugged and eventually murdered.

However, read the book. It speaks for itself.

My suggestion is that if your Board of Directors and staff is recep-
tive to our work, we will be glad to send a further carton of eight
copies, gratis, for each to read and study at leisure. Pending the
results of such study we could then consult as to what steps we could
then take for further collaboration and mutual benefit not only to our
organizations but future mankind itself.

May the CREATIVE FORCE be with you!

For a Whiter and Brighter World,
Creatively yours,
B. Klassen, P.M.

There are many many references to be found regarding the high status of Leif Erikson among White Supremacists. They believe he was the true discoverer of America, and he fits the mold of the blonde haired blue-eyes Superman.

Here is a book written by the recipient of Klassen's letter, Ralph Cinque. It portrays Leif Erikson as the true discoverer of America.

Ralph Cinque (pronounced Sinkaaaaay) is in league with Jim Fetzer on a mission that by design or otherwise, will wreak havoc with the credibility of all researchers due to the well-known propensity of the media to tarnish all with the same brush. Unfortunately due to misapplying the fine principles of democracy to a web forum (like the Greeks had the web in mind!), combined with piss poor application of those principles, the Education Forum is giving a voice to this racist and dangerous quack.

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Natural Hygienics & White Supremacy Empty Re: Natural Hygienics & White Supremacy

Thu 17 May 2012, 12:20 pm
Hi Greg,
You've got an interesting site here, and I've a lot of catching up to do. What a haven of tranquility & sanity compared to the turmoil produced on other JFK forums inhabited by Mr Cinque, who for a reason I can't quite put my finger on, reminds me of:

Very Happy

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Posts : 7556
Join date : 2009-08-21
Age : 64
Location : Orange, NSW, Australia

Natural Hygienics & White Supremacy Empty Re: Natural Hygienics & White Supremacy

Thu 17 May 2012, 8:40 pm
Thanks. That's appreciated.

I suspect part of the reason it seems more sane here is because of the small number of active posters.

I have no idea why you think that clip in any way resembles the behavior of Ralph.

Oh. wait a minute...
Very Happy

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Natural Hygienics & White Supremacy Empty Re: Natural Hygienics & White Supremacy

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