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another (final??!!) H & L Debate Empty another (final??!!) H & L Debate

Mon 12 Sep 2022, 1:50 pm
I see Jeremy has suggested one of them comes here for a debate on the subject.

But because they are deflecting like crazy, let me put up an alternative that they might find a little easier to cope with.

I would be happy to debate any of them. If they are not willing to come to ROKC, I propose they ask the owners of the Ed Forum to allow me back on for a one-off debate with whoever.

I would also agree to up to three moderators - one representing the ed forum - and I would probably opt for Kathy or Mark Knight - one that they can nominate and one that I can nominate. Since they would no doubt object to Jeremy or Tracy, I would opt for Tony Krome or Mark Stevens.

I would also be happy to have my membership terminated immediately following the debate. 

Other rules I would want -- I don't care how many people they want to nominate to participate; one or ten, doesn't matter to me. But it MUST be closed to everyone else. If anyone else does post, the post is to be deleted. 

Any of the nominated moderators may intervene for use of ad hom, or other logical fallacies, or for straying off topic. But only the Ed Forum rep can terminate the debate or eject a participant for repeated infractions.

Over to you, Dubya, Mr K and of course, the kindly Mr. Hargrove. Or anyone else who wants to step up. How serious are any of you? Let's find out.

Australians don't mind criminals: It's successful bullshit artists we despise. 
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The Cold War ran on bullshit.

"So what’s an independent-minded populist like me to do? I’ve had to grovel in promoting myself on social media, even begging for Amazon reviews and Goodreads ratings, to no avail." 
Don Jeffries

"I've been aware of Greg Parker's work for years, and strongly recommend it." Peter Dale Scott
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