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Was Ruby the Informant in the Terrell case, and Were Any of Those Weapons Used in the Assassination?

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Was Ruby the Informant in the Terrell case, and Were Any of Those Weapons Used in the Assassination?

Post by greg parker on Mon 22 Mar 2010, 10:49 pm

From my new Ruby Timeline

November 16, 1963: An informant tips off the FBI about a forthcoming transfer of the stolen weapons.

November 18, 1963: The FBI and DPD arrest Donnell Whitter (who is known to have worked on Ruby’s car) and Lawrence Miller for possession of the stolen weapons. The driver of a white Dodge (who delivered the weapons to them in full view of police and agents) had already been allowed to drive off. His identity remains secret. Under those circumstances, it is reasonable to postulate this driver was the informant in the case. Four .30 caliber rifles were not recovered.

On December 1, 1963, DPD prisoner, Robert (also referred to in documents as Richard) Borchgardt was released on a tempo after contacting Det Anderton claiming to have information on Ruby. Borchgardt told Anderton that his friends, Elvis Dalrymple, Lawrence Miller, Perry Hydell (referred to in Anderton’s report also as “Rydell”) and Marvin Fraizer all worked for a man named Fred (AKA “The Goose” and “The Big Dago”) who in turn worked for a gang out of Chicago. This “work” involved running stolen cars and guns to Mexico and bringing back narcotics. Borchgardt then dropped his bombshell. According to the gang members, Ruby had agreed to kill Oswald in return for having a $40,000 debt to “bookies” wiped. Can it be by shear coincidence that this was, in round figures, the sum owed by Ruby to the IRS? Borchgardt however, was given short shrift by the apparently laid-back Anderton, who indicated that he thought Borchgardt was fabricating the story in order to do a deal on the charges he himself faced in Houston. (DPD JFK Files) The January 23rd, 1964 issue of the Chicago Tribune however, confirmed that such a racket (presumably using “The Circuit”) had been operating. Under the headline, Juice Racket is Linked to Hot Car Ring, the Tribune reported “Police have established a link between the crime syndicate's loan shark (juice) racket and the stolen auto rings operating in Chicago, the Tribune learned yesterday. Details of the mob's complex connections were pieced together by police after the arrests on Jan. 12 of Eugene Berman, 38, and John Danihel, 22, both of 5433 S. Cicero ave., in a stolen car in Summit. Berman was charged with possession of stolen property and Danihel with receiving stolen property… Their attempted flight to Mexico is viewed by investigators as partly confirming reports that cars stolen in Chicago have been driven to Mexico and peddled by crime syndicate henchmen.” One must ask, under the circumstances, if Ruby himself had been both the delivery boy of the weapons to Whitter and Miller, and the informant against them; playing both sides, after all, was a Ruby forté (this question was first raised in “Ruby Talked – A Radical Reappraisal” by Robert Charles-Dunne). The need of course, for his services to rid the planet of Oswald was not an issue for almost another week.

November 19, 1963: Henrietta Vargas was interviewed by the FBI Nov 25 in regard to a rumor that she, along with Frances Hernandez and Josie Salinas had witnessed Jack Ruby give Oswald a pistol outside the Texas School Book Depository three days prior to the assassination. The three young Latino women all worked within a short distance of the depository and used car parks in common with it. Ms Vargas denied the rumor and also denied that the women had been too afraid of the Dallas Police to volunteer what they had witnessed. A certain amount of fear of authority however, may have been evident in the fact that Ms Vargas had her attorney with her during this interview.

What the women actually did witness taking place may be even more explosive. And it fits perfectly with other strands of information.

What they saw was a male aged over 40, 5’7” or 5’ 8” and of husky build driving a light colored ’55 or ’56 Buick (or possibly a Dodge since they were very similar?) remove a rifle with telescopic sights from his trunk and give it to a younger, slender male driving a late model compact; make unknown. Both men then drove off. Ms Vargas identified photos of Ruby as being “perhaps identical to the older man”. They had not seen enough of the younger male to be able to identify him.

The FBI disposed of the information by simply claiming they had seen Warren Caster. But Caster had purchased his rifles on the same day that he displayed them to Roy Truly and others in the depository building – the 20th. Moreover, he took them out to his car in cases, did so alone and could not be considered “husky”.

Back on the 19th however, Samuel Baker of the Terrell Army Armory purchased three American Express Traveler's checks. These were found among Ruby’s possessions after he killed Oswald.

Did Ruby receive money from Baker in return for organizing the transfer of the weapons to Whitter, a petty criminal known to Ruby? Was the rifle seen by Ms Vargas and her friends one of the .30 cal rifles not recovered from the Terrell robbery?

greg parker

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