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latest update

Post by greg parker on Sun 17 Nov 2013, 6:24 pm

This book will be the first what should run to 3 volumes we intend putting out as ebooks.

Each will be 120 to 150 pages in length - which may seem skimpy - but the reality is that, with a handful of exceptions, books on this case tend to be mostly a rehash of other books. Our books will comprise 90+% original research. No fat. No dross. No padding.

We have also split the first volume into 3 parts.

New material can be hard to assimilate, so we have added some brief explanatory notes at the start of each part, incorporated the use of footnotes (there are many, many of those) and added a "cast of characters" with brief bios at the end instead of an index which is pointless with an ebook. It is highly recommended that those explanatory notes, the footnotes and the "cast of characters" be read.

Even then it won't always be clear until the next volume as to why some particular area has been included. One example is the inclusion of the treatment of returned Korean POWs. Volume two will explain why that was included and several important dots will be connected.

We have settled on a publisher, and the book will be submitted as soon as part 3 is completed

Part One covers (but not necessarily in chronological order):

  • The annexing of Panama from Colombia and the treaties for the building of the Panama Canal 
  • The 1928 Colombian "Banana Massacre"
  • The role of the FBI's SIS in Latin America during WWII
  • A pre-WWII conspiracy case instigated by FBI infiltrators and shows how the basic (COINTELPRO-style) sting was repeated during the Civil Rights era
  • The assassination of Jorge Gaitain in Bogotá in 1948 giving the most complete explanation yet of how the assassination was carried out and how the pasty was created 
  • The identifying of a likely 2nd assassination just prior to Gaitain, of a Colombian politician living in exile in Europe. His death came just after announcing a plan to return to Colombia and was ruled "natural causes." We identify the newly formed CIA as the likely "natural cause"
  • Explains the benefits to the CIA, of CIA "failures" 
  • Looks at Castro's presence in Bogotá at the time of Gaitan's assassination - and his friendship at that time, with a person now identified as working for the CIA

Part 2 covers

  • A brief look at various CIA mind control programs
  • Looks at another CIA intelligence "failure" regarding the Korean War
  • We use the same technique used by Eugene Dinkin. Whereas Dinkin used this method to forecast the JFK assassination, we have used it to show the real reason for the Korean War - and though this is with benefit of hindsight, it could have been used to make the prediction beforehand.
  • Looks at the treatment of returned Korean POWs and follows the 3 viewpoints held of them at the time - and the consequences of each of those viewpoints
  • Looks at the 1940s and 1950s influence of Evangelicals on the Pentagon and WH
  • Touches on Fred Korth's influence on the Army as a direct result of the Korean War (more on that in Volume 2)
  • Goes into Korth's relationships with key people in this case
  • Brings George White into the picture
  • Clears up a number of mysteries and misunderstandings regarding Oswald's early years
  • Looks at Midwest Quakerism

Part 3 covers

  • Oswald's time in New York
  • Clears up more misunderstandings/mysteries such as Lee's out of area enrolment, and the real reason for the trip to New York in the first place  
  • The history of Youth House
  • John Pic

This volume ends with Marguerite and Lee leaving New York, early 1954.


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Re: latest update

Post by Hasan Yusuf on Mon 18 Nov 2013, 12:40 am

Thanks for the update, Greg. Can't wait till I read it mate!
Hasan Yusuf

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