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A Tale of Two Baris Empty A Tale of Two Baris

Tue 12 Oct 2010, 11:19 am
George Kozmetsky, former Dean of UTS, has turned Bari University in Italy into a "technopolis".

kozmetsky and corporate greed

What the above linked article doesn't mention is his ties to the likes of the Hunt family and George Brown, the latter of Brown & Root and Brown Foundation fame. Brown's friends included George DeM and LBJ. The foundation bearing his name has been outed as one of numerous foundations used by the CIA to funnel money to projects and research favourable to CIA agendas.

meanwhile, seems to have flourished, and gained some type of respectability since its days of selling mail-order diplomas to the likes of David Ferrie.

For example, in 1998, Dr Franco Puca, Professor of Neurology and Chairman, Department of Neurology, University of Bari School of Medicine, attended an international conference in clinical neorosciences held at Centro Congressi Palazzo delle Stelline, Corso Magenta, Milano, Italy. The theme of the conference was DISORDERS OF SLEEP AND DISORDERS OF MIND: CAUSAL HYPOTHESES AND FACTS. Among the oversees representives at this conference was Dr David J Kupfer, Professor and Chairman, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburg School of Medicine, Pittsburg. Dr Kupfer was a close associate of a Dr Louis (Joly) West.

But this is a tale of two Baris and the other is JUDI BARI - a member of the environmental group known as Earth First. On May 24, 1990, a shrapnel-wrapped bomb went off under her car seat, almost killing her, and injuring fellow activist, Darryl Cherney. It is widely believed that not only was the FBI involved in this bombing, but that it was carried out as a COINTELPRO operation. The basis for this belief is the speed with which the FBI materialised after the bombing to proclaim the nonviolent group as terrorists, and that the bomb had been a suicide attempt.

There are certain similarities here to the Oswald case as shown from these events:

  • Early 1980's: Close friends of Judi's are told of the physical abuse in Judi's marriage. She is
    offered shelter for herself and her girls.

  • December 1988: A photo is taken at Bridgewood Motel of Judi as Symbianese Liberation Army member holding a Uzi. The photo was taken  by Darryl Cherney, and was intended to be used for an album cover (the album was to be of songs performed by Bari and Cherney titled THEY DON'T MAKE HIPPIES LIKE THEY USED TO).

  • Early 1989: Irv Sutley (as we'll soon see, Irv became suspect in the bombing) sends the photo to the Anderson Valley Advertiser "as a joke".

  • Late 80's: Judi has become close friends with Anna Marie Stenberg. Both are in process of divorcing physically abusive husbands & share their stories.

  • May 24, 1990: Judi and Darryl are bombed and the FBI immediately accuses them of being responsible. Also FBI is on the scene within minutes.

  • May 29, 1990: LORD'S AVENGER letter sent to Mike Geniella at the SANTA ROSA PRESS DEMOCRAT in Ukiah. It appears to be written by a Christian fascist and gives details of the bomb placed in Judi's car. The writer admits to planting the bomb.

  • June 6, 1990: ZORO letter sent to Mike Geniella at the PRESS DEMOCRAT and District Attorney Chris Carpenter for Alameda county. It accuses Darryl of being the bomber.

  • June 9, 1990: Photo of Judi with Uzi appears in the PRESS DEMOCRAT. The article says that a police informant sent a copy of the photo to the Ukiah police chief about one year before the bombing. Judi later accuses Irv of doing this. Irv denies it. Judi becomes convinced that Irv was among those responsible.

So what link could there possibly be between Bari University and Judi Bari?

George Kozmetsky.

In 1982, Charles Hurwitz, a Houston, Texas-based corporate raider, and a handful of trusted associates (Ezra Levin, Jack Rosenberg, George Kozmetsky, Jenard Gross and Barry Munitz) enacted a hostile takeover of the Simplicity Pattern Company. They twice raided Simplicity's pension fund, reducing retiree's benefits by 40%, sold off the assets and gave the business a new name; Maxxam.

Then they purchased and consolidated two banking institutions worth $4.5 billion into United  savings Association of Texas. They "leveraged" these assets to acquire first Pacific Lumber (1985) and then Kaiser Aluminum (1988). After only six years they bankrupted United Savings, and it became the sixth biggest S&L failure in history.

The bail-out cost American taxpayers $1.6 billion.

Pacific Lumber was a target of Earth First because of the destruction of Redwood forests. This, given Kozmetsky's apparent ruthlessness and spooky connections, should probably be enough to cast suspicion his way in the Judi Bari case.

In fact, Kozmetsky was implicated in the bombing along with the FBI in an article written in 1995 by Jim Larkin.
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