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The final meeting at the Hotel Metropole in Brussels Belgium

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The final meeting at the Hotel Metropole in Brussels Belgium

Post by Tommy & Hilde Wilkens on Mon 15 Sep 2014, 4:07 am

One of the more intriguing discoveries in the Willem Oltmans archives was the hand written notes by Oltmans of what had really happened that last day in Brussels Belgium at the Hotel Metropole. Oltmans recorded that he had made arrangements for himself and George de Mohrenschildt to meet for a lunch meeting with a friend of Oltmans who was a Soviet Diplomat by the name of First Secretary Vladimir Kuznyetsov at the Hotel Metropole in the center of Brussels Belgium. Oltmans went on to record that Vladimir Kuznyetsov had been the former head of the KGB in The Netherlands. In Oltmans notes he records that de Mohrenschildt and himself had arrived early for the lunch meeting and had decided to get some post cards in the hotel gift shop. As the two men left the gift shop and turned the corner there appeared out of no were Vladimir Kuznyetsov face to face with  de Mohrenschildt. Oltmans recorded the two men stared at each other for moments and then began talking in Russian to one another. Oltmans never saying a word. Oltmans told that the two seemed to have known one another from the past and it was established that indeed they did know one another. Oltmans went on to record that he didn't know what was said between the two because it was said in Russian  but it was in a stern voice and short.With in seconds of the two men stopped talking de Mohrenschildt announces he will be taking a short walk for fresh air and will meet both men in the hotel dining room in thirty minutes. Oltmans recorded that George de Mohrenschildt calmly turned around without saying another word with only his briefcase in his hand walked away until he disappeared into the crowd. Oltmans would never see de Mohrenschildt alive again.
While writing our book Walking The Razor's Edge  The Willem Oltmans and George de Mohrenschildt Story we speculate that possible the set up meeting with the Russian Diplomat might have been an attempt by Oltmans to secure safe passage for de Mohrenschildt out of Belgium and The Netherlands and spirited  behind the Iron Curtain were de Mohrenschildt would never be seen or heard from again. This speculation is based on other findings in Oltmans archives that told that de Mohrenschiuldt had pleaded with Oltmans to help him find a way to tell all he knew concerning the Kennedy assassination and not be jailed and prosecuted. Oltmans had arranged for de Mohrenschildt to sign his contract with Strengholt Publishing Company for his manuscript.The date was set for signing the contract and being paid on March 8,1977.The meeting with the Soviet Diplomat was on March 5,1977.Is it possible de Mohrenschildt laid  his exit plan out to the Soviet Diplomat asking for his assistance  and when rejected sternly and on the spot de Mohrenschildt fled on foot knowing if he told the real truth behind the Kennedy assassination he would be jailed and prosecuted. Before leaving for The Netherlands from Dallas Oltmans recorded in his notes that de Mohrenschildt's lawyer Patrick "Pat" Russell had warned Oltmans to be damn careful what all George reveals over there ,saying "the whole damn thing is fishy.And if he does tell all he knows he will go straight to prison !!!!
Tommy & Hilde Wilkens

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